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Preparing Your House for Sale

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The following is a guest post that there are many things you can do to make sure you get the highest price possible for your house, and that includes showing your house in its most appealing light.

Once you have decided to put your house up for sale, there are many things you can do to make sure you get the highest price possible. Putting your best face forward in terms of how the house looks will make a huge difference in how prospective buyers view it. Of course real estate agents can help give you tips and hints on what to improve or fix, but there are plenty of things that can and should be done before you even contact your real estate agent.

Preparing your house for sale can actually be quite a big job to undertake. You may be used to how it looks, or not really notice that light switch that is not working properly, but you now have to look at the house through fresh eyes and fix and clean anything that is not going to help the overall feel of the house.

First of all, become a handyman and fix everything that is broken. All those small things or even the large things that you have been putting off for months need to be fixed now. This also includes touching up any paintwork that has faded or has started peeling – both inside and outside the house – as this can really change the appearance of a house.

If you are unsure where to start looking for imperfections, try walking yourself through the house and pretend it is the first time you have seen it. Start all the way outside, by the curb, and take note of the long grass or the loose pavers on the pathway leading to the door. Are there cobwebs on the front porch? Are there dirty handprints on the walls inside the house? And is the backyard up to scratch or is it overgrown and messy? Take notes so you don’t forget anything.

After things are fixed, it is all about cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. A house cannot be too clean when it is going up for sale so make sure everything is shining by the time you are finished!

But don’t just clean the surfaces, get right into the cupboards and drawers and give the house the best spring clean it’s ever had. Throw away any old items you don’t use anymore and give the place a general decluttering. This will also be really handy once you are ready to start packing too, so think of it as preparation for moving into your new place.

When people are inspecting houses they often tend to think nothing is off limits, so don’t throw all of your old junk into wardrobes or hiding places such as under the bed. They will find it and not only does it mean your personal items are on display, a cluttered cupboard gives the impression there isn’t enough storage space in the house.

Take a look around and decide if all of the furniture you own is helping or hindering the look and layout of the house. If you decide you need to reduce the amount of furniture or general clutter in your home, you can hire out a storage unit for a couple of months or perhaps ask a friend if you can store it at their place. Don’t use your garage as people will want to check that out on the open day too.

Don’t forget to get your carpets cleaned if they need it. Unsightly stains and marks will leave the wrong impression on potential buyers. They will focus on them and think that either the carpet shows stains too easily and is therefore high maintenance or they will be thinking about how they will have to get it cleaned as soon as they move in, which adds costs to them immediately.

Finally, go through your house and remove all of the personal items such as photographs. It is an old trick that real estate agents in Melbourne and around Australia may also suggest to you, as removing your photographs and personal items allows the potential buyers to imagine their own photographs and family memorabillia throughout the house.

It is a lot of work upfront, but it will be worth it in the end as it can add thousands to your final sale.

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