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Hydro-Therapy Equipment

Photographs of issues with hydro-therapy equipment (commonly called by the brand names jacuzzi or whirlpools) found during home inspections.

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tubentrancepanelThis access door looks like the type used for cleaning out a fireplace, but it is used for gaining access to the plumbing of a hydro-therapy tub. A common problem mentioned in my inspection reports is that I cannot get to the motor for the pump on these units. This homeowner placed a panel on the exterior of the home and in the interior. Neither panel allowed me to examine the motor. If a repair is needed, the whole tub will have to be removed.

leakonpipeInside this panel, we find the plumbing for the faucet and drain of the tub. The copper tube supplies the water to the faucet from the valves which are on the other side of this tub. The green stains are from moisture due to a leak. The pipe connection at the bottom is for one of the jets coming from the pump. The pipe on the right is for the drain and overflow.
hydro therapy tub plumbing

This is the a photo of the plumbing lines under the tub. The red and blue lines are cold and hot water supply lines, while the white pvc is the drain. The outlet is for the motor, which is connected to a GFCI outlet in the closet. This outlet has to be on a GFCI circuit for safety.

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