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Could I Have a Roof Leak at a Plumbing Vent?

Roof leaks are associated with problems in the roof covering, but we have various vents disrupting this surface. Plumbing vents are one of those penetrations. Older lead flashing on plumbing vents are giving way to the new plastic vents, which may not be so great.

Should I Insulate Under My Pier and Beam Home?

A further question to ask is should I insulate a home built the 1920s? There are different schools of thought to this question, so let us explore the reasoning behind why you will hear different contractors make various suggestions.

Why Did My Air Conditioner Suddenly Stop Working?

Your air conditioner was working fine, but then it stopped without notice. One reason may lie with the evaporator coil and its drain lines.

Handy Skills to Have When Building a Kit Home

The following is a guest post about when building a kit home handy skills to have include being able to follow detailed plans, having some knowledge of construction and being able to ask for help when you need it.

Buying An Energy Efficient Furnace

Older furnaces can cost you money, so find out what you need to know when buying a new furnace.

What Are the Slits for in My Window Frame?

Window manufacturers are always making slight improvements that we may not notice. Drainage holes for windows is one such innovation. But why do we need them?

Is That Toilet Hanging From the Wall Falling Off?

Commercial equipment in residential buildings happens. In fact most innovations begin in commercial buildings, but we may want to consider if we really want them in our homes. A toilet may be an example of this idea.

How Often Do I Need to Caulk Doors, Windows, and Wall Joints

Keeping wall joints and wall penetrations caulked keep moisture problems down, and caulking helps with energy efficiency. If you caulk once, do you need to caulk again?

Why Do I Have a Gurgling Sound from My Sink?

Do you hear a gulping noise coming from your plumbing? You may think that this is a clogged drain, but it may be something in the opposite direction.

Installing Another Hose Bib on the Side of the Home

Having access to water through a hose bib is a convenience, so adding a water faucet in an extra location can help.

The Importance of Doorstops

Have you seen holes appearing in your walls? Holes in other doors? A simple doorstop can prevent so much damage, and yet we forget to maintain them.

Preventing Grease Fires in the Kitchen

When looking at a foreclosure, or at a home where the appliances have not been switched out, I find signs of grease fires. Often these may not be dangerous, but you can take steps to avoid them, since these fires can go out of control.

Common Findings with the Lawn Sprinkler System

Lawn sprinklers can be of great use to the homeowner. You can set your watering schedule, and not have to worry about your yard; however, there a few common problems which can be easily remedied by the homeowner.

How Much Workspace Do You Need Around Your Equipment?

There is a struggle for space in your attic, outside of your home, the utility room, and the garage. It may not seem important to you now, but not having enough workspace can make jobs more difficult.

Water Damage and the Stucco Wall

Stucco may look nice, but you do have to be careful with this wall covering.

Can I have Insulation Around My Recessed Lighting?

To have better energy efficiency we need insulation. For design reasons, we want a recessed light. These two things do not always go together.

How Roofs From New Additions Should Be Attached to the Older Roof

We want bigger homes. To improve the square footage of an older home, we add onto the space with new rooms that require new roofs.

Do I Need Flashing Over My Windows?

A popular retrofit for older homes is new windows, but you may not be installing them correctly. Proper flashing is one concern.

A Quick Look at the Bathroom Plumbing without the Fixtures

A few photographs at the plumbing in the bathroom when fixtures, like the toilet and sink, are not in place.

Should I Have Gutters on My Home?

When homes are being built, buyers forget that they have to choose each detail they want, or they do not realize why one detail is important. Gutters frequently are not standard on the rear of homes, so you have to choose them.

The Brick Window Sill and Water Leaks Around the Window

Brick exteriors are quite popular, but did you builder take the time to consider leak problems with brick window sills?

Corrosion Around the Water Heater Connections

One problem that can be seen often on water heaters is the corrosion that occurs around the water inlet and outlet fittings.

Ducts for the Mechanical Vents in Your Bathrooms and Utility Room

Controlling the amount of moisture in your home is achieved through vents in the bathrooms, utility room, and kitchen, as well as opening windows. The ducts for the mechanical vents are often not in the best of shape during home inspections, since they are easy to forget.

Flashing Over the Windows and Doors

If you have a window or door that sits flush or proud of the wall, you probably then have trim sitting on the wall. This can be a problem area for moisture.

What Are Possible Potential Leaks Around the Window?

Windows pose a problem area for homeowners. Gaps, holes, or cracks can lead to leaks as well as being spots where your energy efficiency can be lost.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Guest post describing the benefits of metal roofing.

How to: Work on a Roof WITHOUT Damaging the Guttering

A guest post from a satellite dish installation company explaining how to go onto a roof without damaging the gutter.

How to Repair Your Plumbing Vents

Part of your plumbing system penetrates the roof. These are the vents, and they could be a source of leaks in the home.

Is It too Hot to be on a Roof in Houston?

Being on your roof during our hot Houston summer may cause damage to the roof, but it may hurt you too.

Replacing a Pane of Glass on an Aluminum Window Frame

Originally from the forum: repairing a pane of glass in a window

Steps to Painting a Wall

Originally published in the forum: advice on how to paint

Why is My AC Running All the Time?

Air conditioning can be problematic in a Houston summer, and units can run all day long without ever really cooling to your desired temperature.

What is A TR or a WR outlet?

Electrical safety advances by making outlets a little better. TR stands for tamper resistant, and WR stands for weather resistant.

Inspecting a Cooking Range, Oven, or Cooktop

Can I install a gas range or oven? Are there safety concerns with gas cooktops that I should be aware of? What concerns should I have when it comes to a range, oven, or cooktop?

Getting Rid of Moisture in Your Home

When you begin to seal and insulate your home, moisture can become a bigger problem. A constant supply of moisture can lead to mold, but non-constant moisture can lead to problems with wall coverings and more.

Inspecting a Gas Bathroom Heater

In newer homes in the Houston area, you will see forced hot air systems in bathrooms; however, gas bathroom heaters and electric bathroom heaters were common at one time.

The Deadman’s Door

How do you get heavy equipment into a building, when you cannot get it up the stairs? A deadman’s door is the solution.

Two Actions by the Federal Government Causing Some Concern

From lead based paint to flood insurance, homeowners may not be too happy with some actions by our government.

Foam Insulation, Electrical Fires, and You

To make his home air tight, one homeowner used foam insulation from a can, but did not realize that he may have been creating a fire hazard.

How to Convert Your Toilet to a Dual Flush System

Water prices are rising; to save money while helping the environment, you may want to reduce your water usage. Dual flush toilets are a step in that direction.

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