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Five Things You Should Know When Starting a Real Estate Business

Things you should know when starting a real estate business include knowing to use the right development software, doing your research before you start and writing a comprehensive business plan. The following is a guest post.

What Fannie Mae’s Findings May Mean to the Real Estate Investor

How consumers feel can be more important than what is actually happening. The survey that was conducted as a national housing review does indicate a change in attitude that can help real estate investors make a decision.

Outlook for Houston Real Estate Investors in 2011

Are there any trends that real estate investors should focus on? Is the market right for the small investor? Here is a look at a few things that I have noticed.

A Real Estate Investor’s Market Report for Houston

Are there good investment properties left in Houston? May a foreclosure not be a good deal? An introduction to some numbers to watch.

Is My Renter About to Leave?

Watching trends among renters could give real estate investors a clue to what they may expect.

Housing Forecast for Houston in 2010

Real Estate Investors and Home Buyers should take some factors into consideration when making plans for purchasing properties next year.

Pitfalls for New Real Estate Investors in the 2009 Housing Market

Investing in foreclosures can be profitable, but it can bring headaches. Here are 5 real estate investing pitfalls that new investors need to avoid.

Census Data for Real Estate Investors

Knowing some facts about Houston real estate can help the average buyer, but it can prove vital for the real estate investor. Entrepreneurs need to be up on statistical abstracts to spot the trends and forecasts to make wise home buying decisions.

For Real Estate Investors Considering Becoming Landlords: Rental Criteria Forms

A new Texas rule requires that Landlords (real estate investors) have to present their criteria for selecting a tenant.

Home Inspection Checklist for Texas Home Inspectors and Real Estate Investors

With new rules concerning home inspections going into effect February 2009, here is a checklist that home inspectors and real estate investors can use.

Finding the Right REIT for You

Going over some financial numbers to determine which REIT is best.

REIT Analysis for Real Estate Investors

For a real estate investor, determining what type of property to buy can be as easy as looking at the trend in REITs.

Today’s News: Foreclosures Rising as Reported by RealtyTrac

Find the best information about foreclosures in your area by going to the primary source for news media’s reports, RealtyTrac. Here are some ways to find that information from that site.

As Real Estate Investors Balk at being Inspected, the Media Provides Stories of Why They Should Be

More communities are looking to protect tenants by requiring home inspectors to investigate rental properties. News stories such as one from Houston will only encourage this trend. Real estate investors should take steps now to protect their buildings.

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