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In this section, I am collecting various photographs from home inspections which indicate an issue or a specific component. I hope that this will help illuminate some matters for the readers here when it comes to your own inspection report or your own home. The structure follows the report format for Texas.

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Grading and Drainage

Roof Covering

Roof Structure and Attic

Walls (interior and Exterior)

Ceilings and Floors

Doors (Interior and Exterior)


Stairways (Interior and Exterior)


Porches, Decks and Carports (Attached)

Electrical Systems

Service Entrance and Panels

Branch Circuits- Connected Devices and Fixtures

Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning System

(I have one page covering the HVAC system)

Heating Equipment

Cooling Equipment

Ducts and Vents

Plumbing System

Water Supply System and Fixtures

Drains, Wastes, Vents

Water Heating Equipment

Hydro-Therapy Equipment


(I have one page covering the different Built-in Appliances)


Food Waste Disposer

Range Hood


Microwave Cooking Equipment

Trash Compactor

Mechanical Exhaust Vents and Bathroom Heaters

Whole House Vacuum Systems

Garage Door Operators

Door Bell and Chimes

Dryer Vents

Other Built-in Appliances

Optional Systems

(I have one page for the optional parts of the home listed below)

Lawn Sprinklers

Swimming Pools and Equipment


Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Gas Lines

Water Wells

Septic Systems

Security Systems

Fire Protection Equipment

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