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What Are the Parts of a Texas Home Inpsection Report

Do you want to understand your home inspection report? We will examine the five main sections and then the other sections of the home inspection report, along with some other aspects surrounding the report.

What Evidence Is Needed for a Home Inspection Report?

How should a home inspector document his findings? Does he need proof for everything he finds, and what form should that proof take?

Home Inspection Process

I like hearing and reading about different perspectives in the real estate industry, and I invite others to write guest posts to share their knowledge or views about their work, or what they see. I think this can be a great benefit for my readers. The following is a guest post from a Home Inspector ,Ben Evans, who contacted me with the desire to write for you, so I hope that you enjoy it.

What Is the Legal Responsibility of a Home Inspector on the Report?

A recent comment on a post about home inspection scams caused me to think about a recent home inspection, and what I as a home inspector could have missed.

A New Page: A Home Inspection Report

A new page on this site is provided to show you what would be written in a home inspection report.

Significant Changes to Your Home Inspection Report

Home Inspectors in Houston (and all over Texas) should be aware that a new property inspection report is in place. Here is a summary of some significant changes that the consumer should know. This post is meant as a companion piece to my previous posts that were written in the “Understanding Your Report” Category.

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