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Making a Home Inspection Report more Readable

An examination of a journey into the user experience of a home inspection report to find a better way to communicate.

Houston Home Inspection Services

What do you need to know about the services of Houston home inspection companies? Doing a comparison analysis of data on their website may not be enough.

Houston Home Inspection Cost

Each business does competitor research, but this is usually for internal use to revise business plans, revenue options, and budgets. Would customers benefit from a knowledge of Houston home inspection cost? The obvious answer is yes, so I thought that I would share my research.

A Look Back at Home Inspection in 2011

As the end of the year approaches, I am thinking of the trends that I noticed in Houston real estate.

How Soon Should a Home Inspector Take to Write a Report?

A home inspector can give you the information about the findings verbally, but a home inspection report is the document that you need. Should you be kept waiting for this report?

Online Reputation – Why it’s So Important for Real Estate Agents

Guest post: Why is a good online reputation so important for real estate agents? Read on to find out!

How to Perform a Better Home Inspection

Can your home inspector find every single problem in your home? Probably not. Even the best home inspection could possibly miss an issue, but we can strive to make home inspections better.

The Future of the Home Inspection Industry

Are we heading into a new set of operating rules in real estate? Could this mean there is a chance for evolution in the home inspection industry? If home inspectors want to stay ahead of the curve, they may wish to be looking at other business opportunities.

Revealing Home Inspection Secrets

Marketing tactic or honesty: what secrets do think need to be revealed?

How Should a Home Inspector Gather Data during an Inspection?

If you were going to do your job better, should you not use a technique that ensures improved performance? A checklist can be one tool that a home inspector should have during an inspection.

Should We Have a Moratorium on Foreclosures?

We have one side calling for a halt to all foreclosures, while the other side states they should proceed. However, do we know what we are trying to accomplish? Will our efforts result in a desired result?

An Open Letter to the Real Estate Community, or Thank You to My Readers

Somewhere in the mission statements of various businesses there is a line about service to the customers. We need reminders at times as to what that means.

An End to the Forum

Forum posts are now transferred to the blogs

S&P/Case Shiller Price Index

Originally published in the forum. I am placing it here since it has an explanation as to why Houston is not in this index

New Ways to Hide Defects When Selling a Home

Several recent home inspections show a trend, where sellers hide defects, but we have to be concerned whether a repair was made.

Defining the Value in a Service

Consumers are looking for value, at least that is what the trend gurus state. However, How do you know that you are getting value. Is value only described by price or by other factors?

New Pages to Help Site Users

More posts coming soon, but currently I am working on improving current pages.

Is this a side effect of the recession? Discounting Commissions

The effects of the recession on real estate commissions.

How Much Time Does a Home Inspctor Spend on an Inspection?

A recent comment by me on Facebook prompted an acquaintance to ask me to justify  how I determine the average amount of time spent on an inspection.

Did my Home Inspector Perform All the Necessary Tests?

The internet provides us with so much information to check on what a home inspector should check, but you may be leading yourself astray.

Art of Business Posts on Other Site

I am moving part of one category of posts to a new site.

Are you Searching for a Home or Real Estate Professional in Houston?

There are new ways to search the real estate market in Houston for homes or professionals. From sidebar widgets to Twitter, and I am exploring the possibilities.

Community Choice in Real Estate

Real Estate, Banks, and the Internet. Why do we need S 413 (HR 111)? Realtor Associations seem to take a view of stopping any change that could effect their business model. Maybe it is time to have them evaluate their own model.

My Recent Website Strategies

A brief explanation of what has been happening behind the scenes at this site.

Creating A Successful Blog for a Small Business

For a small business targeting a local area, a blog can be an effective tool. You do not need to work on it like many other blogs to have it drive clients to you.

Home Inspection as a Career in This Downturn

A post disputing some articles about going into the home inspection business at this time.

Update On My Efforts for This Site

Documenting my efforts of creating and marketing a real estate destination site for Houston to benefit my home inspection business.

The Insurance Package in the Bailout Plan

The taxpayers require the bailout package to help the economy, but lawmakers place policies in it which do not benefit us, such as the insurance for bad securities.

As Congress Debates Bailout, HUD Acts

SEC failures lead to the financial crisis; Congress may come to a resolution if conservative Republicans can be placated; and HUD acts to help communities deal with rising foreclosures.

Thanks to Hurricane Ike

Hurricanes can effect businesses

Offering a Free Property Inspection Report Form For Texas in HTML

Free inspection report form for Texas in HTML.

Moving A Site Along

Continuing efforts of pulling the curtain aside to look at the development of a real estate site.

What May Happen to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Next Year

Now that the housing crisis is fully a political issue, what are the candidates saying, and waht may we expect to happen to Fannie and Freddie.

Creating Your Own Real Estate Search Engine with the Help of Zillow

RE professionals should consider creating their own alternative search engine to be ahead of the curve, and to create a community hub on the net for their own area.

Builder/Remodelers Finding Ways to Thrive in a Down Market

A creative means to generate income with a home maintenance service from one Builder/Remodeler may be a benefit to homeowners. This is an area that home inspectors have noticed is not being taken care of, but it could cost homeowners in the future.

A Unique Blog: Firefox told me so with its related links

Finding that Firefox does not list related links for my site, I decided to create my own list of home inspection blogs for those wanting to see what else is being written.

Creating A Real Estate Survey by Using an Free Open Source Software Tool

To expand my authority, I found that I could use an open source survey creation software to produce a questionnaire about real estate issues. This allows a website to create its own data for finding answers.

Bbpress: a forum for the rest of us

Adding a forum helps create a new dimension to my blog site, and I found that bbpress offers the best solution for the average user.

Analyzing Other Home Inspector’s Reports

Common features in some reports from other home inspectors can cause problems for people trying to understand those findings. After analyzing a few reports, I go over some problems for the consumer.

Website Tune-Up: Finding Ways to Increase Traffic

These are the steps I take each month to improve traffic to my website, so a website tune up if you will. Partly focusing on keywords/phrases, while also looking at navigation. The method also improves retention (time spent on the site).

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