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The Better Home Primer

A simple guide to starting you in the direction of creating a better, more sustainable home

How to Seal Your Air Duct

Insulating is great; however, you could have energy efficiency issues with your air ducts. Sealing your air ducts can help to make your system more efficient.

Insulating Gas Water Heaters

At one point the advice was not to insulate gas water heaters. You may now see advice that you should to improve energy efficiency. Insulating can help, but you need to do it correctly.

What is a U-Factor for Energy Efficient Homes?

As we use more science in building our homes, homeowners may want to understand what is being discussed. U-factor has been a term used in the past, but now is seen more frequently when energy efficient standards are being mentioned.

Can I Afford a Green Home or A Green Home Remodel?

Adding water or energy efficient appliances can be more expensive, but how much more expensive is it? Is having a green home a luxury item? Maybe we should re-evaluate the messages of the green building movement.

Do I Need a Home Energy Management System?

Part of the promise of the smart grid is to reduce our energy costs while also making the power supply to our homes reliable. This would lead to home energy management systems being put into place.

Creating a Tighter Building by Dampers on Vents

To lower your electricity bill, you have to save energy. The biggest cost is air conditioning. How can we prevent loosing our conditioned air through vents which are open to the exterior.

Can Shutters Or Blinds Be Energy Efficient?

Windows are problematic when it comes to energy efficiency. We have long used a shutter or a blind to help keep a room cool or warm, but does this really help.

Creating external space at low cost with verandas

The following is a guest post describing how to enhance your home through the addition of a veranda. Creating outdoor living spaces expands your home.

How Can I Perform My Own Home Energy Audit?

Should I have a thermographic energy audit? Can a homeowner check on this themselves? Properly insulating the attic is a first step to energy efficiency.

First Steps in Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Are you planning to spend money on your home this year? Is your project focused on improving you energy efficiency? Then there is the likely chance that you are going to take the wrong step.

Review of My Green Home Conversion

My electric bill came in lower this past month, which caused me to reflect on all of my efforts to work on making my home more sustainable.

Living an Energy Efficient Lifestyle

Are we deluding ourselves? We move into a green home or energy efficient home, expecting savings that never come. Could this be that we do not understand how to use our home, or is it that we need to make lifestyle choices?

Principles of Green Facility Management for the Homeowner

It is not enough to purchase a home with green features. To reap the benefits of such a home, you need to manage it with green principles in mind.

Current Governmental Concerns Effecting Homeowners, Buyers, and Sellers

Flood Insurance, the Mortgage Market, HOA behavior, Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction , Appraisal Reform to a sales tax on professional services are items being discussed in Washington and Austin

Simple Green Home Idea: Staircase in the Middle of the Home

Most home builders are focusing on green elements in the home, which increases the price of the home. Passive features achieved through smart design does not cost more, and this can be the best green feature.

Does Organizing Mean Throwing Things Out?

I wish I lived like those people in that magazine. A perfect home which is always clean. Reality sets in, and I have to find a way to store all of the items that are left out on the kitchen counter.

Freezing Temperatures in Houston, Have You Insulated Your Pipes?

Freezing temperatures catch Houstonians by surprise, but you need to prepare your pipes.

How Can I Use the Sun to Light My Home

We want healthier lives. We want to pay less on our energy bills. We can use the sun to make us feel better and light our homes, but we do not need to rely on solar power.

Asbestos in your Home

A guest article that is a resource of information on asbestos in the home with an emphasis on home inspectors.

EcoRock : The Drywall for Your Green Home

Are we rethinking how our homes are built? We are delivering new standards, like advanced framing, but we are delivering new materials as well.

How Long Does a House Last?

Have you ever wondered if your house will last as long as you need it to last? If you are buying a historic home, will you have more problems because of the age?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of LED Lights

For the last two years, we have heard about using CFLs, and now we have LED lights. LED lights may be the wave of the future

Take Care of the Front; Leave the Back Alone

Is there a trend of not maintaining our homes growing? Do we see houses a places to stay, or as our homes?

Thoughts on How to Make Passive Heating, Solar Water Heaters, and Skylights

The passive house concept is being furthered, as more homeowners are looking into smart designs. Can we think outside of the box when it comes to these ideas?

Why Do Months of Inventory and Homeownership Percentage Matter?

Each business has its metrics. With the looming number of foreclosures, we are hearing these real estate metrics in news reports, but why do they matter?

How Do We Measure Energy Efficiency?

There are many more professionals offering advice on energy efficiency, or making claims that a new product will help improve energy efficiency, but is this advice relevant?

Does My Home Need A Home Energy Audit?

Building performance evaluations, home energy audits, and green home consultants are growing trends. You may be wondering if you should put your home through such a stress test.

Improving the Look of Your Window

Do you wonder how to improve the appearance of your windows? Most of us may consider replacing the unit to a new one, but others chose to find ways to make what they have look better.

Should You Filter the Water from Your Greywater System

In Houston, there are rules about greywater systems and how that water is used. Filtering the water is required if the water will be reused inside the home, but what about outside the house?

How to Build Your Own Home Dehumidifier

Moisture problems can lead to mold or damage to wall coverings, and maybe more. As we improve the tightness of our homes, we should be concerned with indoor air quality as well. The first step is dealing with humidity.

Bio-Mass Heater for the Home

Letting my thoughts wander on what could be done to make a home sustainable.

The Town Home and Energy Efficiency

A town home in Houston presents an air conditioning problem, which comes under energy efficiency, but standard answers for a home may not suffice.

Are Hallways a Waste of Space?

Do we think about how we use space when making decisions on how to change our homes?

Improving Your Return Air Ducts in Older Homes

In older homes, return air ducts are typically just a cavity in the wall, which is not energy efficient.

Applying an Elastomeric Coating to a Roof

Liquid roof coatings are becoming easier to find, and elastomeric coatings may be a wave of the future.

Which Products Should I Use in my Green Home?

A green home may mean different things to various organizations, and you may find that one organization or another states that the product you are using does not mean you are being green.

Why Going Green May Not Be Acceptable to Neighbors or a Neighborhood Association

Could being green make your neighbors see red? Sometimes being an early adapter of sustainable technologies may make you the object of scorn.

How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

As the hurricane season approaches, you may want to have your home ready now to ensure the least amount of damage.

How to Make an Awning for Your Window

Window awnings were a standard feature on many homes, and they seem to be making a return. They are a simple way to help you lower the amount of heat coming into your home.

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