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Which Property is Best?

A question which has plagued property investors across the world is whether it is better to buy a new property or an old property. The following 6 point guide will help you decide which property investment is best for you.

How to Know When to Buy a House

Whether it is a dream you have held since you were young, or if you have suddenly found yourself with an exciting opportunity, it can be difficult to know whether buying a house right now is the correct decision.

30 Year Mortgage Rates Matched All-Time Record Lows Last Week

Guest post to help guide you in choosing the best mortgage.

30 Year Mortgage Rate Average in the Southwest Hovering Around 4.00%

Guest post detailing mortgage rates, and how they are currently hovering at a low rate.

Top Ten DIY Home Inspection Tips

A guest post from Kim Reid detailing how you can perform a home inspection on your own by following her ten home inspection tips.

When Buying a Home, Can a Pool Cause Me Not to Get Insurance?

As our understanding of home safety improves, we could find insurance companies requiring us to meet new standards that address these issues. Swimming pools can be the main problem for many home buyers.

Should I Have a Newly Constructed Home Inspected?

A newly built home should be perfect, right? I mean that they just completed construction, so what can be wrong. Well, the details may be the issue.

Reader Questions: Refinancing, Caulking, and Home Inspection

There have been a few questions from readers that I thought I would share, because these come up every so often or they were unique: advice on refinancing; caulking as a bad thing; and home inspections.

Easy steps to improve your housing search

The following is a guest post going over the steps to simplify your search for a new place to live.

Contract Contingencies Mean Inspections

A guest post going over how contract contingencies when buying a home means that you need a home inspection

What Can Happen to Your Home After Foundation Repair?

Foundation problems need to be repaired, but are you prepared for the consequences? You may need to make your repairs to your home after the foundation work is complete, and I do not mean just the landscaping.

What Are the Parts of a Texas Home Inpsection Report

Do you want to understand your home inspection report? We will examine the five main sections and then the other sections of the home inspection report, along with some other aspects surrounding the report.

Can There Be a Problem with My New Roof on My New Home?

You would not expect to find a problem with a newly built home; however, there will be issues. One common place to find something wrong will be on your new roof.

5 Questions to Ask Your Realtor

The following is a guest post from Laura Zanskey. She discusses five important questions that you should be asking your future Realtor in order to know who will be helping you sell or buy a home.

Roofing Home Inspector

A tale of what happened to one home buyer when looking to purchase a home. Examining the roof is important.

Using Less to Save Money

This joke is becoming old: we have reduced our energy usage, but our bills remain the same, because energy costs keep going up, he said with a laugh. How do we save money?

What to Do with the Chimneys in Historic Homes

Much of the appeal in a historic home are the original features which no longer serve a purpose. You may find chimneys around the house that were originally part of the home heating system, but are no longer operable.

What Evidence Is Needed for a Home Inspection Report?

How should a home inspector document his findings? Does he need proof for everything he finds, and what form should that proof take?

When Your Realtor and Home Inspector Are Fighting

You choose your Realtor, and you can choose who you want as a mortgage lender, home inspector, appraiser, or whoever to help you with the sale or purchase of the home, but what if they are fighting?

3 steps to help you select the best real estate agent

Guest from Marlon Powell on selecting an agent

Why Is a Window Latch Important?

Can you fully close your windows? Does it matter if you cannot? When looking at homes small things can make a big difference.

Deciding How Much You Can Afford To Pay For A Home

A guest post from a mortgage expert on deciding how much home you can afford. Good advice in our current climate.

Home Inspection Process

I like hearing and reading about different perspectives in the real estate industry, and I invite others to write guest posts to share their knowledge or views about their work, or what they see. I think this can be a great benefit for my readers. The following is a guest post from a Home Inspector ,Ben Evans, who contacted me with the desire to write for you, so I hope that you enjoy it.

What Issues Should Be Red Flagged in a Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report deals with the condition of the house in a moment in time. We cannot predict which issue may be major in the future, so how do we let our clients know which items are red flagged.

Are the Materials in My Home’s Construction Good?

The pieces that make up your home may be of great quality when the builder bought them, but there may be a problem with them by the time the builder installs them due to weatherization.

Did Your Home Inspector See and Report on Everything That Was A Problem?

What should a home inspector be held responsible for? Inspections are to be of visible items, and this may raise a question if they did their report correctly.

What to Expect When Buying a Historic Houston Home

As more people are looking for properties closer to downtown, some are opting to keep the historic homes, instead of tearing them down for a town home.

Saving on Your Household Budget by Smart Spending

We have priorities with our home budget. Cosmetic expenses and then energy efficiency take precedence over normal maintenance.

Do It Yourself Home Inspection

Is this a growing trend? Is there any reason to hire a home inspector? I have been seeing a rise in queries for do it yourself home inspections, and comments that home inspections are not needed.

Why Does the Recovery Depend Upon the Housing Market?

If you listen to economists discussing the economy, we seem to come back to the housing market. Financial news programs highlight figures of housing starts, foreclosures, and sales, so why is this important.

Mortgage Fraud Hurts Us All and the TALCB is on the Case

Letting you know of a recent press release about appraisers involved in a mortgage fraud scheme.

What Is Happening with Your Mortgage?

Paying attention; keeping track; having a basic understanding of financial matters are important when dealing with your lender.

Does an Area Create Value?

Driving through parts of Houston and Sugar Land, I wondered about the value of an entire area.

Explore a Neighborhood Before You Buy a Home

To make a house a home, you should consider the community as a factor

Do You Have a Choice in which Title Insurance to Use?

Closing on your new home can be difficult, and you may be paying more than you need to spend.

What Is the Legal Responsibility of a Home Inspector on the Report?

A recent comment on a post about home inspection scams caused me to think about a recent home inspection, and what I as a home inspector could have missed.

A New Page: A Home Inspection Report

A new page on this site is provided to show you what would be written in a home inspection report.

How to Find a Green Home Houston!

A guide looking at discovering your green home in Houston.

How Can I Pay Off My Mortgage Faster?

There is a simple step to help you pay off your mortgage that most consumers do not take.

Chinese Drywall Can Leave You Without Insurance

News article on Chinese drywall causing a loss of homeowners insurance

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