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Real Estate Investors

A resource page for real estate investors, so that you can make the best use of this home inspection site.

I have worked with real estate investrors of different comfort levels for nearly four years now.  This site has proven useful to many, and I know that many of the visitors here are interested in becoming real estate investors, so I tought that putting together this resource page may be a way to make your lives simpler.
    With so many foreclosures on the market, this does seem to be the time to look into owning properties as a way to supplement your income. Becoming a real estate investor is not without its pitfalls, so I am not trying to give you an easy money scheme. This is a business, and if you treat it as such, you can do quite well.

Home Inspection Checklist for Real Estate Investors

This checklist was created when the state of Texas had updated the standards of  practice for home inspectors. I felt that with a little knowledge, an investor could use this checklist. I plan to work on a improved checklist specifically for real estate investors in the next week. To use this list well, you should understand why the items listed on it are important. This involves studying the topics, which is in the next section. However, you will have to keep something in mind which I as an inspector will ignore: cosmetics. I do not make note of how something looks, like that awful mural seventies wallpaper and shag carpet. So be aware of those items too. A well staged home can bring you in more money. There are other ebooks on this site, which may help you as well.
Go check out the real estate investor checklist.

How to Perform a Home Inspection for the Real Estate Investor

Most home inspections performed are visual inspections by definition. In reality, home inspectors use all of their senses to detect issues, and we are able to do this because of practice. It is not a sixth sense. In all honesty, I use very few specialized tools during my inspections. Clients like to see them though. I do on occasion have to pull out tools that would not be in a real estate investor’s tool kit. The following section of articles will describe how to conduct an inspection with a basic tool kit.
Go check out the Home Inspection for the Investor.

Other Articles For Real Estate Investors

The home inspection articles are include in a larger category which deal with my thoughts on running a real estate investment business. I take the view that there are different means to determine factors to make your business a success, so I show you some of the ideas that I ponder.
Go check out the Investor Articles.

The Real Estate Forum

I admit that I have not promoted this part of my site as much, but it is a resource. The forum is meant to discuss any topic concerning real estate. Yes, it is labelled as being geared towards Houston, but anyone can post. I answer questions sent to me by email; however I thought by having this forum, real estate investors could swap stories to help each other.
Go check out the Real Estate Forum.


I have assembled a series of calculators on this site to assist you with determining some factors with your business. From the basic mortgage calculator and beyond, this tool set will give you a basic idea of some metrics before proceeding with a purchase. I am learning javascript and php to create some tools myself, because I have some ideas that may help.
Go check out the Real Estate Investor Calculators.

Home Inspection Photos as a Knowledge base for Real Estate Investors

Describing how to do an inspection is one thing; seeing some issues found during an inspection is quite another. I started to collect photos that could be used as an example of a certain issue. I add to this section each month. By going through this photographs, you will begin to recognize parts of the home and the concerns that you should have.
Go check out the Home Inspection Photos.

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