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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes your service from other home inspectors?
First, let me say that all inspectors go through required training, and they produce reports based on the five sections of a required report form (the five points some home inspectors mention match these sections). We have to meet the minimum standards of practice, so what is different about my service?

  • I take my time to do the job right. I usually say that a home inspection lasts between three and four hours, but I often spend longer on most homes. For an average home in the Houston area, I am averaging five and half hours for the inspection and three hours for the report (I do not use reporting software, since I prefer to customize the report to the home).
  • I include other items that other inspectors would charge you extra. I include the lawn sprinkler system, out buildings, and outdoor cooking equipment as a standard part of my report.  I do not believe in stating a low price and then hit you with other charges.
  • I am passionate about improving homes, so that our lives in those homes will be better. That is why my report discusses issues such as energy and water efficiency. I am always working to improve the report to make it a blueprint to make your home better. My passion has lead me to produce this blog, to lecture on the home, and to be active in the green movement here in Houston.
  • I go where others do not. I go onto the roof, unless I really do feel that it is unsafe, which is not often. I go through the entire attic (not just by the attic door or equipment). You cannot do a proper visual inspection without going everywhere.

Do you do termite inspections?

No. Many pest control companies also do home inspections, and some home inspectors have the requirements to do pest control. To perform a termite report, which is the WDI (wood destroying insect) report, you have to meet those requirements. I focus on home inspections, so I have not made those arrangements to be able to do a termite report. I feel that an expert should perform that report for you.

Do you work on weekends?
Yes. I try to perform the home inspection when the client wants an inspection.

Do you take photographs?
Yes. I use to make this optional, but this is now a standard part of my report.

Do you estimate repair costs?

Yes and no. On a regular basis, I do not. If you ask me, I will do a rough estimate, but this is based upon what I think can be done to make a repair. To estimate costs, you are better off with a qualified contractor.

Do you work on homes?
Yes, but not on the homes that I inspect. Am I trying to find work repairing your home by claiming there is a problem? My inspection is to provide you with the best information, so I do not want to make it a platform to encourage you to hire me for other jobs.

Do you own a home?
I am not sure where this question originates, but I am asked this often. Yes I do. I have discovered that some home inspector do not, so I guess that is where the idea originates.

How do you get paid?
I prefer to be paid after the inspection. I accept cash, checks, Paypal, and certain credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).

How long have you been in business?
I started my home inspection business in May of 2006. I have worked in related fields such as facilities management.

Do you perform home energy audits?
No. I do perform what I call a Green Home Evaluation for $185 in the greater Houston area. I go through a home, much like I would for a home inspection. This inspection examines parts of the home, then I produce a report that is a road map to make your home more green. I look at energy and water efficiency, but I also look at how you can improve your home  by using ideas from sustainable building practices.

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