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Foreclosure Inspections in Houston

Foreclosure Inspections may be different than what you think. Find out about my service on this page.

Do you need a foreclosure inspection? I imagine that you will want someone who has inspected many foreclosures, which I have, but a foreclosure inspector is really an industry specific term for the person who goes into a house just after it has been foreclosed upon to check its condition in regards to its ability to be sold. foreclosure inspectionsThey look at questions about appearance. Does it need new paint or carpet? A home inspector checks the condition of the house. Do you have plumbing leaks? Does the air conditioning work? You can say that we are checking if the home is livable.

I do inspect foreclosures for real estate investors and home buyers in the Houston area, but I also provide a foreclosure inspection service where I not only check the standard items on a home inspection, but I also create a punch list of fixes that need to be taken care of to make the home sellable. This is more a service for lenders or investors who have foreclosed upon a house. If you are looking for inspection when buying a home, or if you are looking for an inspection after having foreclosed upon a property, go to the Request a Quote page for more information on prices.

You may be interested in finding out some information about foreclosure inspections on your own. You are in luck, because I have written several posts to help real estate investors and home buyers. You will find some individual articles listed below. The last link is to the category page for real estate investors on the topic of foreclsoures, listing all of the articles on the subject.

Articles Dealing with Foreclosures and My Foreclosure Inspections

Since I am frequently dealing with this type of inspection, I include mentions of what is happening in this market often. You can discover these articles on this page for foreclsoures.


Dangers of Foreclosure inspections
There are some dangerous situations out there. Here are some pointers on safety from my inspections.

Real estate investors and homeowners should be forewarned that water damage can occur when turning on this utility. There is a possibility of damage from other utilities too.

Winterize a HomeA look at winterizing (and de-winterizing) a home.

A home inspector looks at how foreclosed homes are winterized, which may be useful for homeowners looking to winterize a vacation home.

Foreclosure Inspection Work

Foreclosure InspectionsAn explanation of how to find work as a foreclosure inspector.

A follow up post to one that I wrote on another blog detailing how to begin a search for finding work in the field of foreclosure inspections.

Comfortable with a foreclsoure?A guide to help see if you are comfortable buying a foreclosure.

Real estate investment in other areas takes some planning. A home inspector gives you some items to consider.

Real Estate Investor ArticlesAn overview of different articles explaining what to look for when inspecting a foreclosure, or some issues that you may face.

If you need help find ing a home, you can search for foreclosures in Houston at Signature Real Estate.

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