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30 Year Mortgage Rates Matched All-Time Record Lows Last Week

Guest post to help guide you in choosing the best mortgage.

Using Less to Save Money

This joke is becoming old: we have reduced our energy usage, but our bills remain the same, because energy costs keep going up, he said with a laugh. How do we save money?

Deciding How Much You Can Afford To Pay For A Home

A guest post from a mortgage expert on deciding how much home you can afford. Good advice in our current climate.

Saving on Your Household Budget by Smart Spending

We have priorities with our home budget. Cosmetic expenses and then energy efficiency take precedence over normal maintenance.

Why Does the Recovery Depend Upon the Housing Market?

If you listen to economists discussing the economy, we seem to come back to the housing market. Financial news programs highlight figures of housing starts, foreclosures, and sales, so why is this important.

Do You Have a Choice in which Title Insurance to Use?

Closing on your new home can be difficult, and you may be paying more than you need to spend.

Chinese Drywall Can Leave You Without Insurance

News article on Chinese drywall causing a loss of homeowners insurance

How Does an Appraisal Effect My Mortgage?

Do new mortgage rules change the things for the home buyers?

Mortgage Assistance and Tax Relief for First Time Home Buyers

Programs meant to help consumers into homes will only last so long, you need to think fast to take advantage of them.

Buying A Home: What to Expect in 2009

Taking a look back at a series of posts from last year, and how things have changed for home buyers

How is the Houston Real Estate Market?

Thoughts on the Houston real estate market.

Tax Credits for Greening Your Home

A post about the green tax credits that you can get for your home.

Insurance Matters

Some simple steps for improving your homeowner’s insurance, while finding a way to save money.

Delving into the Paperwork :Part 6- The End of the Papers

Bringing everything together in dealing with your paperwork; a last little bit of advice from your home inspector.

Delving into the Paperwork :Part 5- Insurance Matters

A Houston home inspector takes you through the steps to evaluating your homeowner’s insurance.

Delving into the Paperwork :Part 4- A description of the closing paperwork

You will never find an inspector at a closing, but this post recalls my experience and the paperwork I dealt with.

Delving into the Paperwork: Part 3 – A description of mortgage paperwork

A look at the mortgage paperwork. Details of what to look over closely from a Houston home inspector.

Delving into the Paperwork: Part 2 How to start your wanderings

A home inspector looks at the paperwork used in a home purchase.

Delving into the Paperwork

A home inspector in Houston begins his journey to look at the paperwork involved in buying a home.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Ways to obtain the best homeowner’s insurance in Houston (and elsewhere) form a home inspector.

Your Credit Score

Your credit score according to FICO. Tips from an inspector on how to improve your financial circumstances.

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