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Sometimes, you may find that navigating around the posts here is a bit much, so I put these download together to allow you to have the articles at hand, when you want it

Note: if you came to this page through a redirection, you have arrived here, because a few older posts which are not being viewed very often are contained within one of the ebooks below.

When I became a home inspector, I was approached by a friend who wanted to buy a home. The situation was that she was more comfortable with Spanish, and she could not find anything to help her understand how she was to proceed. I began searching for material, but I could not find much. I sat down to write the documents that became my original website. I translated everything into Spanish for her. I started passing this material to various Realtors, homeowners, and people interested in buying or selling their home. I obtained some good feedback, so I kept working at it.
HomeA Home Buyer’s Guide- with some help for the sellers along the way Home Una Guia para Compradores y un poquito para vendadores tambien
tablet A Guide for Real Estate Investors to-do-list_checked3 Delving into the Paperwork- a look at all the forms and documents that you will deal with when buying a home.


For home inspectors, I am including a checklist based on the new SOPs which go into effect on February 1, 2009. If you need to contact me, you can use the form below the Ebooks.
Check List for the new SOPs

Are you a real estate investor? Here is a resource page for real estate investors.


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