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Ways You Can Protect Your Home and Contents

Guest post exploring ways to protect your home and contents include installing a security door, having a high wall and front gate and installing a security alarm.

How to Save Money on Home Repairs

Is your home a place where you stay or where you live? If you do see it as an investment, do you ensure that it is increasing in value? Home repairs can be costly, but they can prevent future damage, and further expenses.

Five Steps to Lowering Your Electric Bill

As we struggle to manage our budgets, we look for ways to reduce our expenses. During the summer, the high electric bill catches our attention, so we scramble for ways to reduce that cost.

Green Homes are not Energy Efficient or Sustainable

How does your new green home stack up against an existing house? Maybe you paid more for a label.

Reducing Your Utility Bills by Plan

As a home inspector, I always give advice on how to reduce energy costs to my clients; however rising prices means that reducing your energy consumption does not necessarily mean lower cost. Here is a method that I use to see if I am on target to saving money.

Looking at Personal Financial Advice Blogs

Sharing some financial advice blogs in the hope to help homeowners.

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