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After a Hurricane: Feeding the Family

After Ike, I was amazed that many people who I encountered were not prepared for feeding their family. Here are some tips.

Preparing Your Home for the Hurricane Season

A home inspector’s look at often overlooked items which could cause damage during a windstorm.

How to Build an Improved Solar Oven

Simple family project which can substitute for your slow cooker, but no home power needed.

Standby Natural Gas Generators to Survive Houston Severe Weather Power Outages

CenterPoint Energy has an offer which is available for a limited time to help you secure power to your home.

After Hurricane Ike: Going Back to Normal

Some news about clean-up efforts after Hurricane Ike, and Houston’s curbside recycling.

Thoughts after the Hurricane

Lessons learned after a hurricane or just some random thoughts from a home inspector.

Continuing to help our city recover from Hurricane Ike

The City of Houston’s website has updated its information on the recovery efforts status after Ike. You can find the links here.

The State of Our Trees After Ike

Driving around Houston after Hurricane Ike, shows an immediate need for some homeowners to take action and prune their trees to have them cleared.

Flooding, Water Damage, Insurance, and You

A look at different types of insurance and the damaged that you may have to deal with after a hurricane’s flood waters damage your home.

Do I Need a Home Inspector to Check Out My Home After the Hurricane?

Obvious damage from a storm will be handled by your insurance company, but you may need a home inspector if there are unseen problems, but there are steps to take care of this yourself.

Real Estate News For Those About to Sell/Buy A Home or About Your Appraisal

News for people dealing with a home sale in the Houston area after Hurricane Ike. Also some other news about building inspections in storm effected areas.

Internet Links For Applying for Assistance After Hurricane Ike

Some quick links to drive your towards the proper place on FEMA’s site to apply for assistance due to damage from hurricane Ike.

What Does It Mean When My House Has Been Red Tagged?

Once your home has been red tagged due to hurricane damage, you should take proper steps to have the home repaired in the correct way.

Hurricane Ike Home Repair: Finding Sources of Water Stains on Ceilings and Walls

A quick run down of common areas where a leak can occur in your home. The roof is not always the culprit.

Hurricane Ike Home Repairs: Tarping Your Roof

Fully covering your damaged roof with a tarp, because it sustained hurricane damage, is not always a wise idea. Here are some facts to consider when taking on this task.

Your Home and Its Repairs After Hurricane Ike

Time to clean up and start repairing your home after Hurricane Ike. Here is some information to help you start.

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