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Can I Afford a Green Home or A Green Home Remodel?

Adding water or energy efficient appliances can be more expensive, but how much more expensive is it? Is having a green home a luxury item? Maybe we should re-evaluate the messages of the green building movement.

Are There City of Houston Websites to Show Their Green Plans or Their Growth Plans?

Do you want know how the City of Houston will grow? Are you curious abut our efforts to keep the city looking beautiful or green? The city has some websites for you.

First Steps in Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Are you planning to spend money on your home this year? Is your project focused on improving you energy efficiency? Then there is the likely chance that you are going to take the wrong step.

Review of My Green Home Conversion

My electric bill came in lower this past month, which caused me to reflect on all of my efforts to work on making my home more sustainable.

Principles of Green Facility Management for the Homeowner

It is not enough to purchase a home with green features. To reap the benefits of such a home, you need to manage it with green principles in mind.

Simple Green Home Idea: Staircase in the Middle of the Home

Most home builders are focusing on green elements in the home, which increases the price of the home. Passive features achieved through smart design does not cost more, and this can be the best green feature.

Why Housing Prices May Rise in 2011

Are you keeping up with housing trends? If you are a seller, you may want to see what is driving up home prices, and will these factors effect your home.

EcoRock : The Drywall for Your Green Home

Are we rethinking how our homes are built? We are delivering new standards, like advanced framing, but we are delivering new materials as well.

Green Homes, Historic Homes

Many green home advocates may not be leading you to a the best green option.

Why You Should not Over Insulate Your Home

I have been studying insulation lately, and how homeowners could improve their energy efficiency, but then I remembered moisture control.

The Future of Mechanical Systems in Your Home

Micro-CHP systems could be the direction that will shape the mechanical systems of our home.

Insulate Your Roof Through Nanotechnology

A new idea on how to insulate your roof using nanotechnology.

The New Way to Frame a Wall, With Steel

Not really a new concept, but there is a new product being used for creating steel walls, and it may be coming to a home near you.

A Couple of Articles on New Developments for Your Home

A summary with links to some articles that I have been reading on new ideas that can be applied in your home.

From Being Off the Grid to the Microgrid

There is more to the name change, so what is a Microgrid?

Problems with Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are seen as a green option that will save you money, but this may not be the case.

How to Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters are making a come back as homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy bills.

How to Maintain and Properly Use A Push Mower and Push Edger

Reducing energy around your home involves more than using energy efficient appliances.

Green Building Initiatives in Houston, May 2009

A look at some news coming from the Mayor’s office on the greening of our city.

Night Lighting Using Solar Power: The Next Big Step in Eco-Friendly Lighting

Looking into solar lighting for a home’s exterior, you will find there are more options now than you might believe.

Houston’s HOPE Program Can Help You into a Home

This program has been in existence for a few years, but here is a new look at its potential.

Green Power for Your Home

How can you reduce utility bills to zero with green power options like solar and wind for the home. Is it practical for a home in Houston? Renewable energy may be in your future.

A look at the National Green Building Standard; ANSI 700

An expanded version of the post that I wrote for HomeFinder.com. I wanted to deal with some details for home inspectors and home buyers on this green building program.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Making your home green does not always mean replacing with green materials, but finding ways to make what you have last longer. This can be a challenge on a roof, but it is possible.

Why Are Attached Garages Energy Inefficient?: A how to improve your garage guide to reduce energy costs

A Houston home inspector looks at a step towards a green home conversion that a homeowner can take, when they have an attached garage.

Green Home Conversion; Heating and Cooling Part 4

Passive cooling is not part of our design methodology, but we can incorporate some ideas into our homes to reduce energy costs.

Smaller Homes for Energy Efficiency Need Creative Uses of Space

Smaller homes provide better energy efficiency due to less heating or cooling required, but you need to find ways to store your stuff in some creative ways.

Green Home Conversion: Heating and Cooling Part 3

Discussing air flow versus temperature to create comfort in a green home.

Green Home Conversion: Heating and Cooling Part 1

An overview of looking at your home’s air conditioning and how it can be turned green.

Green Home Conversion: Reusing What We Have

The first step in a green home conversion is thinking what you can reuse in the home.

Green Home Conversion

The beginning of a series of post on the idea of how to convert your existing home into a green one.

Book Review: Green from the Ground Up

Green from the Ground Up is a good background and overview of building green, and why this should be the way to construct your home.

Fantastic Green Product Claims, But this Driveway Could Be Truly Green

Before I went out to perform some home inspections, I saw a claim for a green driveway. Once home, I checked into it further, and I think this may be something for me.

Passive Designs and Mechanical Solutions Towards A Greener Home

After having been on many home inspections, I feel that passive designs can be better for the home, but mechanical systems have their place; they just have to be thought out well.

The Art of Deconstruction, or Why I am concerned about the loss of a movie theater

Destroying to rebuild is not always the best option, and not really a green option.

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