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What Are the Parts of a Texas Home Inpsection Report

Do you want to understand your home inspection report? We will examine the five main sections and then the other sections of the home inspection report, along with some other aspects surrounding the report.

Problems with Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are seen as a green option that will save you money, but this may not be the case.

Looking at the Smart Grid as it Enters Your Home

Energy storage devices will be the key for residential smart grids, but so will new energy efficient appliances.

Home Inspection Checklist for Texas Home Inspectors and Real Estate Investors

With new rules concerning home inspections going into effect February 2009, here is a checklist that home inspectors and real estate investors can use.

Green Home Conversion: Reusing What We Have

The first step in a green home conversion is thinking what you can reuse in the home.

Do I Need a Home Inspector to Check Out My Home After the Hurricane?

Obvious damage from a storm will be handled by your insurance company, but you may need a home inspector if there are unseen problems, but there are steps to take care of this yourself.

Electrical Outlets Which Deceive: Unsafe Wiring Practices

As we find better ways to protect oursleves when wiring a home with products like grounding and GFCI, older homes become difficult to use with new appliances. Owners and contractors will fake a grounded system, so you can have a convenient plug, but it is not safe.

Filtering the Air in Your Home

Discussing air filter in your home and their maintenance. How often they should be cleaned or changed out.

The New Method for Water Delivery in Your Home: PEX tubing

A description of PEX tubing as used in residential home construction. Its benefits and setbacks from the perspective of a Houston home inspector.

Turning the Utilities Back On In a Winterized Home

A post detailing concerns when turning utilities back on in a foreclosed home.

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