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Handy Skills to Have When Building a Kit Home

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The following is a guest post about when building a kit home handy skills to have include being able to follow detailed plans, having some knowledge of construction and being able to ask for help when you need it.

If you have decided to buy a kit home you also need to think about whether you have the right skills to build it yourself. Building kit homes is not as difficult as you first might think and with even a little help you may find it possible to do yourself. There are kit homes in Victoria and all over Australia being built by owner builders and many are finding they have skills they never knew they had. Building your kit home yourself will save you a lot of money and if you want you could get the whole family involved.


Following plans


Your kit home will be delivered as a whole and will just require you to assemble it. The kit will come with a comprehensive instruction manual as to how to put your new home together. It is important that you follow these steps exactly otherwise you might void the warranty as well as risk your home not being stable enough. Don’t take any short cuts even if you think it will be alright. If you have any problems make sure you contact the supplier and they will be able to either talk you through the problem or might suggest a qualified builder to handle that specific section for you.




Having some building skills is of great benefit when building your own kit home. Knowing how to handle power tools and being good with your hands is a necessary skill to have. You also may find that you need a bit of strength when it comes to erecting framework, roofing and other parts of the building. Being physically fit enough will also make it a lot easier.




It is likely that your kit home will come with enough parts to build it to lock up stage. Generally this means that the inside of your home is not complete and you still need to do the plastering, install the kitchen and bathroom, do any tiling, install the wiring and the plumbing. You will need to hire a professional electrician to do the wiring and hiring a fully qualified plumber is also a good idea. You may find that you should be able to handle the plastering. You may be able to find out what the best methods are and avoid hiring a plasterer.




It is possible to do the tiling yourself, again saving a significant amount of money. There are a few specific things you will need, such as a tile cutter, a spirit level and the right tools to spread the grout. A good tip is when doing a room that has both floor and wall tiles, such as the bathroom, do the floor tiles first which will then hide the cuts on the floor tiles.


Knowing when to get help


When building your kit home properly one of the best skills you can have is knowing when to get help when you need it. Don’t be stubborn and think that you have to do it all yourself if you are struggling. Even if it is going to cost you a bit more it is better to have the job done right the first time around rather than having to hire someone later to correct any mistakes, which could end up costing more than if you just hired a professional in the first place.

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One Response to “Handy Skills to Have When Building a Kit Home”

  1. Bilson Miles Says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I haven’t tried building a kit home myself as I was afraid I might end up blaming myself.

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