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After Hurricane Ike: Going Back to Normal

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Driving through town makes it obvious that the damage from Ike still has not been dealt with, and it probably will not all be dealt with till after the new year. I keep wondering why homeowners have not removed limbs from trees that could cause injury if they fall, but this might be due to a lack of funds, or it could be due to a belief that I heard expressed by some that the city will remove them.

This week the city has been removing trees and limbs which pose a hazard to our safety in areas where it becomes a public issue. If by this Sunday (October 26), that tree or limb has not been removed by the city, then you should realize that it has been deemed your responsibility.

You may have already heard that much of the waste is being composted by the firm LETCO, which is sharing the profits with the city to help fund city programs, such as the mayor’s plan to have one million trees replanted. However, there is a contest open to Houstonians who have the best suggestion of what to do with this waste that can benefit our community. You can find the contest rules at
http://www.recycleike.com . I guess that letting the Aggies have one big bonfire is out, but we could use the potash for our gardens. Obviously, I am not going to win.

Along the lines of going back to normal and finding a way to recycle, the mayor’s office also announced that curbside recycling is restarting next week. I have been taking mine to one recycling center, but I am glad that I can do it at home again. “B” week schedules start next week (October 27), and “A” week schedules begin on the week of November 3. If you are not sure about your neighborhoods schedule, you can go to http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/schedule.html to find out when your area will be serviced.

That is it for now. Last word: take pictures for your insurance agent, then remove the damage (like a fallen tree in the bedroom). Insurance companies will be able to asses the damage, even if the tree has been removed.

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