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Finding a Quick Visual Guide to a Better Home

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to understand the latest in home construction techniques? Well, there
is a site for you.

hen it is your job to examine homes, you do your
best to keep up on the latest trends and improvements in home building.

Innovative architects look for new ways to realize their designs.
Conscientious builders learn and implement new techniques. Home
inspectors share information with one another and their clients.
However, I think that when it does come to finding a case study of a
home to give you ideas how your home could be built better, most people
have a difficult time.

me it is a desire to read good analysis of a product once it has been
I carry out experiments on my own to see what works, but
I can only go so far. Putting this data together in one easy to read
format can be harder than you think. During my inspections, I find
myself explaining how the home was built, and why a seemingly
unimportant part can play a vital role. This causes me to scratch out
quick drawings. Visuals do provide a way to present a good deal of data
quickly. This desire to find a method of presenting the building’s
construction while looking at new thinking in home construction led me
to examine different websites. I found one that I believe is good for
the professional and homeowner alike, Building Science.

particularly wish to direct my Houston readers to a case study of a
home made for our climate.
We do not always build homes suited
to our hot and humid environment. In this
case study
, you can see the steps that they take to seal the home
from moisture. I have never seen a vent stack placed in a home to deal
with moisture. It makes quite a bit of sense, but I always looked at
other means of accomplishing this function, such as a French drain.

his study has good explanations, so take a moment to go
through the notes below the drawing.
For professionals and interested
homeowners, this site has pdf files on various topics which can improve
your understanding. We all know that residential construction does take
time to incorporate new ideas, but maybe the internet will change this
fact. As consumers have access to data, we may see more of these
techniques implemented.

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