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Looking at Personal Financial Advice Blogs

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On a previous blog, I began a series of articles dealing with financial advice regarding the purchase of a home, and what you may need when living in it. I was not quite sure if I should update that series for this blog, since it may not fit into my goals for this site. I could see myself falling into a trap of concentrating on that aspect of the blog, which I do not want. When I was involved in corporate training, I loved teaching the financial side of the firm’s operation, so manager would understand it. My method was to equate corporate finances to personal finances in the hope that people who could better handle their own finances would better handle the firm’s.

I do read a few financial blogs. I have only been a regular reader of two blogs, and then I read a post here and there on others. I thought exposing readers here to other sites may be a better option than focusing on this topic myself. I started looking at a blogs in this category to see if a site would be helpful to a new homeowner. Here is my list:

The Simple Dollar- I am a regular reader here. His writing style appeals to me, since he deals with his life in the posts to offer his own solution to situations we all face. The comments make for a fascinating read too.

The Wisdom Journal- I recently discovered this site, and Ron reminds me of the way I spoke to my managers at times. I basically compare notes to see how he does it to how I would have said it. I think that he provides some sound advice.

My Money Blog- I found this site during my search (as are the remainder on this list). I read several recent posts, where I obtained the opinion that he is quoting a lot from articles that he finds, but it was on subjects that were relevant, so I liked the sharing.

Lazy Man and Money- Quite a few guest authors when I looked which was nice to see different opinions. I felt that an amount of reason was added to posts by the blog author when dealing with these guest posts, and he seems to be successful with his blog.

My Dollar Plan- my immediate impression was that this site was a good funnel of information from other sites, which touch on topics that effect homeowners. Not a bad thing, but I felt more content was needed. I have to read more here to have a better overview.

Free Money Finance- I liked the help the reader segments on this site. I found there was a balance between quotes and commentary with a good interaction between the author and his audience. I think that I should aspire to this style on my site.

I will teach you to be rich- I am not sure about this one, but I found some good analysis on topics which can help the consumer. I did not feel a connection with many posts, but he carefully goes over some topics to provide you with information which you may not have noticed. I know that I did not.

I think that I should update my series for this site, but I think that if you are concerned with your finances in general, you should read these blogs.

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3 Responses to “Looking at Personal Financial Advice Blogs”

  1. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Susan, I just went over to your site, and I liked the posts there. I should go back to check it out some more.

  3. Get Dave Ramsey Financial Advice Online | Dave Ramsey Fan Says:

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