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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Your HVAC Serviced

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A guest post posing the idea that during the winter, it may be better to have your HVAC serviced, instead of waiting till the heat of summer.

If you are like most people, you tend to wait until the last minute to get your HVAC serviced. In the winter, you wait until it becomes clear the heater isn’t working right or the vents are kicking up dust, and in the summer you wait until you are desperate to keep cool.

If this is you, don’t feel bad. A lot of people wait until the last minute to get their HVAC serviced. But this year make it your goal not to wait until the last minute and the heat of the summer has already kicked in. Here are a few good reasons for planning ahead.

1) HVAC companies are less busy between seasons.

At the beginning of the winter and the beginning of the summer, HVAC companies typically see spikes in demand. Suddenly everyone wants their HVAC serviced or repaired, and scheduling becomes a problem. Service men and business owners work long hours and still have a hard time fitting everyone in.

During that lull between seasons, however — the tail end of winter and spring, and the end of summer and fall — you will find that your HVAC company will be better able to fit you in. Without all the last minute-ers hammering down their door, scheduling is much easier. If you plan ahead and get your HVAC serviced between seasons, you’ll find it’s much easier to get an appointment. On top of that, the service man who comes will be in less of a hurry to get done and get to the next job.

2) There are better deals to be had between seasons.

Between seasons is when the good deals are to be had. Think about it. If you have an emergency or waited until the last minute to get your HVAC serviced, typically you will pay a premium to have it done during the busiest part of the season. This is because during these times of the year, HVAC service men typically have to work long hours in order to have enough time for all the calls that come in.

During the slow seasons, though, many HVAC businesses have considerably less work, so you will save money if you do business with a company that charges a premium during peak times. In addition, when work is a bit scarcer, some companies may even run sales and specials in order to drum up extra business.

3) Catch any problems before you lose air conditioning (or heat).

Of course, the ultimate advantage to having your HVAC serviced before the busy season starts is that your service man will catch any potential problems early. According to Murphy’s Law, any problems with your heat or air conditioning will make themselves known during the most inopportune time. Have you ever noticed how it’s on the coldest day of the winter that your heater quits working? Or how during a sweltering summer heat wave that you suddenly find yourself without air conditioning?

Having your HVAC serviced early will help you to avoid emergencies like having to build your own air conditioning unit (http://www.manolith.com/2009/07/20/build-your-own-diy-ac/). Also, getting your system serviced regularly will ensure that it runs better and longer before problems start to develop.

Waiting until the last minute to have your HVAC serviced, or holding off until something goes wrong, is just not the greatest idea. Remember, busy seasons during the winter and summer can make it difficult to schedule an appointment that is convenient to you. And long waits could mean that you’ll be without heat or air conditioning for a little while. If it’s during the coldest or hottest part of the season, this could be downright miserable! So don’t wait — get your HVAC serviced now before summer hits!

Guest post from
Vern Marker is a freelance writer who lives in Arizona, which means that there isn’t a lot of need for heating phoenix homes with exception to a few times in the winter.

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