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Offering a Free Property Inspection Report Form For Texas in HTML

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The required property inspection report used by home inspectors may be changing soon, but here is a version of the current form. I was migrating several of my forms into an HTML format, because much of my research to prepare for an inspection is done through the internet. This was done mainly as an exercise in writing code, and it is not complete, nor where I want it to be. However, I thought it may be of use to some inspectors who are looking for such a file.

You are free to save this home inspection report. To see what I have done, view the page source to see the code, so you can learn how to add features yourself. If you do find ways to update it, I would appreciate being informed, so we can update the form for others. If you have any suggestions, let me know, and I will see if we can add them.

Here is my wish list for this form:

Automatic page headers which fills in the appropriate information- I know how to do this on my printer set-up, but I want this to be done in the HTML, so the pages can be increased as the form is being filled out.

A database to call on information or graphics to add information to the report- we all know that there are many common findings that could benefit from an explanation, so the client can better understand the report. For example, what is an anti-siphon device, and why is it important? Or better yet, a graphic showing framing issues to help explain what is being told to the client.

A way to upload/insert images- I am not big on adding images to a report, but I do see the advantage of this.

An easy way to save this in a pdf format- I have my set up, but it may be nice to have this available to all in this form.

Looking at my list, I am wondering if I could set up WordPress to accomplish these tasks. The graphics and photos would be handled through the media library. Information could be stored in different posts, while the pages could be used for each topic of the report. Then I would have to find a way to insert text from one post into another, and the pdf file saving format would have to be added. Then along with all of this, you would need the database. Good luck with it.

Here is the link.

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2 Responses to “Offering a Free Property Inspection Report Form For Texas in HTML”

  1. Ged Says:


    Just came across your site which is interesting.

    I was wondering how our inspections here in the uk differ from your inspections in the US?


  2. I am curious myself. From what I have seen the industry is established in the US, UK, and Japan. The Japanese appear to be following the concepts of inspectors in the US. I was wondering if in the UK inspectors were focused or involved with the standards for energy efficiency certification that I have encountered when reading sites there. If so, then that would be the main area of difference. Although home inspectors in the US could be involved with energy efficiency issues, our homes do not need to meet any standard (other than what may come up in the building code, which would be standard practices, like trying to make an envelope tight).

    Glad you stopped by Ged. I have to look into those differences further.

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