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Creating A Real Estate Survey by Using an Free Open Source Software Tool

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My adventure continues with open source programs to enhance a website. Possibilities abound when a person has a bit of will to turn a site into something more. I realize that as a home inspector writing about the inspection industry is not going to drive readers my way, but I am part of a larger industry, which is of interest to many. When I started playing with these ideas, I thought that a Realtor could take them on when developing their site, but seeing that I was not finding anyone to rise to that attempt, I believed that I should enter that arena.

Creating a survey with the open source program Limesurvey was fairly easy. My expertise lies in other areas, so I did have some missteps. I encounter blocks to my progress when using some open source software. Sometimes the steps needed do not seem intuitive, and I do not find the help that I need promptly. This did cause head scratching, but with a little determination the steps fell into place. When building my survey, I found that after the initial step there was no arrow pointing me clearly to the next part of the process; however, looking at the notes on the page caused me to go fill in the missing information required for the survey.

It really was not so hard to create a professional looking form with Limesurvey. There are other programs out there, and they seemed fine for certain tasks. I chose this program because it allowed me some options like form length, answer type (fill in, radio buttons, etc.), and style. It also compiles the data in an easy to read fashion, which I am sure other programs will do as well. Overall, my experience was a good one. It took me about an hour to create a forty question survey.

Questioning our visitors can lead to interesting data. In my case, I want to probe further into data which has already been obtained by a local Realtor Association to understand more aspects of the real estate process. It is a nice way to set yourself up as an authority, when you can present the results.

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