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How Can I get Out of My House When There Is a Fire?

Do you think about fire safety? Do you practice escape routes out of the home with your family? None of us want or expect a fire, but not being prepared can lead to awful consequences.

How Often Do I Need to Caulk Doors, Windows, and Wall Joints

Keeping wall joints and wall penetrations caulked keep moisture problems down, and caulking helps with energy efficiency. If you caulk once, do you need to caulk again?

How to Make an Awning for Your Window

Window awnings were a standard feature on many homes, and they seem to be making a return. They are a simple way to help you lower the amount of heat coming into your home.

How to Stop Energy Loss Through a Window

Windows pose a problem. Single paned, aluminum framed windows allow heat to pass through or out of your home, so how can you stop this loss of energy?

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