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What Are the Slits for in My Window Frame?

Window manufacturers are always making slight improvements that we may not notice. Drainage holes for windows is one such innovation. But why do we need them?

What Can Happen to Your Home After Foundation Repair?

Foundation problems need to be repaired, but are you prepared for the consequences? You may need to make your repairs to your home after the foundation work is complete, and I do not mean just the landscaping.

Can Shutters Or Blinds Be Energy Efficient?

Windows are problematic when it comes to energy efficiency. We have long used a shutter or a blind to help keep a room cool or warm, but does this really help.

Do I Need Flashing Over My Windows?

A popular retrofit for older homes is new windows, but you may not be installing them correctly. Proper flashing is one concern.

Flashing Over the Windows and Doors

If you have a window or door that sits flush or proud of the wall, you probably then have trim sitting on the wall. This can be a problem area for moisture.

Why Is a Window Latch Important?

Can you fully close your windows? Does it matter if you cannot? When looking at homes small things can make a big difference.

What Are Possible Potential Leaks Around the Window?

Windows pose a problem area for homeowners. Gaps, holes, or cracks can lead to leaks as well as being spots where your energy efficiency can be lost.

Improving the Look of Your Window

Do you wonder how to improve the appearance of your windows? Most of us may consider replacing the unit to a new one, but others chose to find ways to make what they have look better.

Protecting Your Home With Rolling Shutters

An introduction to rolling shutters and how they can protect your home from intruders and hurricanes.

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