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Can I have a Gas Water Heater in a Closet?

Some people prefer gas water heaters, but when the unit is coming into the house, we have to be concerned with the burner, so most installations indoors choose the electric water heater. You can use a gas water heater if you follow certain precautions.

Why Is there No Water from This Faucet, but the Others Work?

A look at what could be happening to a faucet that has a low flow of water

Corrosion Around the Water Heater Connections

One problem that can be seen often on water heaters is the corrosion that occurs around the water inlet and outlet fittings.

Current Concerns in the Home: Consumer Recalls and Improved Standards

Home inspectors concerned with home safety will now be looking at these water heaters, wall ovens, fire sprinklers, and hurricane building standards.

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