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Creating a Tighter Building by Dampers on Vents

To lower your electricity bill, you have to save energy. The biggest cost is air conditioning. How can we prevent loosing our conditioned air through vents which are open to the exterior.

Why Do I Have a Gurgling Sound from My Sink?

Do you hear a gulping noise coming from your plumbing? You may think that this is a clogged drain, but it may be something in the opposite direction.

The Danger of Fireplace Vents

A fireplace does not always need a chimney. You can have a vent, but there are some concerns with a vent when the fireplace is in use.

How to Repair Your Plumbing Vents

Part of your plumbing system penetrates the roof. These are the vents, and they could be a source of leaks in the home.

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