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Roofing Home Inspector

A tale of what happened to one home buyer when looking to purchase a home. Examining the roof is important.

How Roofs From New Additions Should Be Attached to the Older Roof

We want bigger homes. To improve the square footage of an older home, we add onto the space with new rooms that require new roofs.

Can That Roof be Repaired?

At what stage does a roof need to be fixed? Are there roofs so bad that they cannot be repaired?

How to: Work on a Roof WITHOUT Damaging the Guttering

A guest post from a satellite dish installation company explaining how to go onto a roof without damaging the gutter.

How to Repair Your Plumbing Vents

Part of your plumbing system penetrates the roof. These are the vents, and they could be a source of leaks in the home.

Is It too Hot to be on a Roof in Houston?

Being on your roof during our hot Houston summer may cause damage to the roof, but it may hurt you too.

A Liquid Roof? A DIY Roof Repair

DIY roof repair with liquid rubber

Could Solar Powered Exterior Lights Replace Floodlights?

An inspector experiments replacing his floodlights with solar powered accent lights to see if his wife approves.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Making your home green does not always mean replacing with green materials, but finding ways to make what you have last longer. This can be a challenge on a roof, but it is possible.

Green Home Conversion; Heating and Cooling Part 4

Passive cooling is not part of our design methodology, but we can incorporate some ideas into our homes to reduce energy costs.

The State of Our Trees After Ike

Driving around Houston after Hurricane Ike, shows an immediate need for some homeowners to take action and prune their trees to have them cleared.

Flooding, Water Damage, Insurance, and You

A look at different types of insurance and the damaged that you may have to deal with after a hurricane’s flood waters damage your home.

Internet Links For Applying for Assistance After Hurricane Ike

Some quick links to drive your towards the proper place on FEMA’s site to apply for assistance due to damage from hurricane Ike.

Hurricane Ike Home Repair: Finding Sources of Water Stains on Ceilings and Walls

A quick run down of common areas where a leak can occur in your home. The roof is not always the culprit.

Your Home and Its Repairs After Hurricane Ike

Time to clean up and start repairing your home after Hurricane Ike. Here is some information to help you start.

The Roof and its Framing: Avoiding Problems When Reframing an Attic

The roof and its framing can show many issues with a home. Some start when a new roof is installed. During a home inspection, I see a common framing mistake, but some solutions can be done by the homeowner, with a little knowledge.

Analyzing Other Home Inspector’s Reports

Common features in some reports from other home inspectors can cause problems for people trying to understand those findings. After analyzing a few reports, I go over some problems for the consumer.

Making a House Look Good While Wasting Money: Five Common Repairs Found During Home Inspections

Home inspectors frequently see the same things over and over again. Here are five common home problems which are easily repaired.

Caulikng Exterior Wall Joints to Prevent Water From Coming into the Home

Performing a home inspection during rain is not enjoyable, but it does give you a clear picture of where water can enter your home. Improperly caulked exterior wall joints can cause problems when not fully sealed.

Houston Home Inspection 77074: Looking at Geotargeting and Blog Statistics

A home inspector looks at geotargeting a specific zip code, basing this tactic on his discoveries when examining statisitcs from his blog site to his static site.

The Trend Towards Required Inspections: The Idea Behind Point of Sale Inspections

There is a growing trend to make home inspections a standard practice in the sale of a home. Some aspects of this movement may not be in the best interest of those involved in the sale.

What Could Be My New Roof?

Thinking of changing your home’s appearance with a new roof, or do you just need a new roof, then you should take a look at this post which goes over some aspects of your plan for replacing a roof.

Is it time for a new roof?

To help you look at the factors which may cause you to need to replace your roof from a home inspector’s perspective.

The Plight of the Home Garden

Thoughts on what is happening to our home designs and properties, and how that might effect our lives.

Red Snails in the Sunset: Pests around the home

Dealing with common pests around your home.

An Inconvenient Burglary

Home security should be every homeowner’s concern, yet sometimes we forget the basics.

Do You Graze in your Neighborhood?

A look at gardening in a neighborhood, with an eye to growing your own food.

Walking around and Inspecting the Exterior

How to inspect the exterior of the home without a home inspector’s tool kit.

Roof: A Houston Home Inspector looks at a roof inspection for Real Estate Investors

How does a home inspector evaluate a roof? Some steps that you can take on your own.

How to Inspect a Foundation

Tackling a difficult task, finding a way to inspect a foundation.

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