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What Can Happen to Your Home After Foundation Repair?

Foundation problems need to be repaired, but are you prepared for the consequences? You may need to make your repairs to your home after the foundation work is complete, and I do not mean just the landscaping.

Selling a Home? Fix it Now or Later

Your home needs repairs. You know it, and the potential buyers will see them. What do you do?

Your Home Inspection Report and You

What happens to the report after you buy the home may have consequences to your home’s condition in the future.

Home Inspections and Do It Yourself Repairs Nitpicking Concerns

A home inspector’s insight into how do it yourself home maintenance jobs should be done.

Can the Home Buyer Force the Seller to Make Repairs?

A home inspector’s home inspection report is not a mandatory repair list for the seller, but a new law does make such repairs required when in the contract.

Flooding, Water Damage, Insurance, and You

A look at different types of insurance and the damaged that you may have to deal with after a hurricane’s flood waters damage your home.

Hurricane Ike Home Repair: Finding Sources of Water Stains on Ceilings and Walls

A quick run down of common areas where a leak can occur in your home. The roof is not always the culprit.

A Seller’s Response to a Buyer’s Home Inspection Report

Do not get mad; get even (maybe). Finding a way to deal with the buyer’s home inspection report to keep the sale alive. Consider home warranties and repairs along with negotiations an agreement can be reached.

Making a House Look Good While Wasting Money: Five Common Repairs Found During Home Inspections

Home inspectors frequently see the same things over and over again. Here are five common home problems which are easily repaired.

How much would that cost to repair? Should an inspector be giving you prices after the inspection?

Maybe you should not have repairs done on your home by the home inspector. It is possible that you may not want them to estimate those repair costs either.

Who should do the repairs in your new home?

Should you use a contractor or do a repair yourself?

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