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A Look Back at Home Inspection in 2011

As the end of the year approaches, I am thinking of the trends that I noticed in Houston real estate.

Outlook for Houston Real Estate Investors in 2011

Are there any trends that real estate investors should focus on? Is the market right for the small investor? Here is a look at a few things that I have noticed.

An Open Letter to the Real Estate Community, or Thank You to My Readers

Somewhere in the mission statements of various businesses there is a line about service to the customers. We need reminders at times as to what that means.

A Real Estate Investor’s Market Report for Houston

Are there good investment properties left in Houston? May a foreclosure not be a good deal? An introduction to some numbers to watch.

Is My Renter About to Leave?

Watching trends among renters could give real estate investors a clue to what they may expect.

New Pages to Help Site Users

More posts coming soon, but currently I am working on improving current pages.

Are Real Estate Investors Going into Foreclosure?

More foreclosures will be coming onto the market in 2010, and some of those homes may have been a previous investor’s downfall.

Electricity is Connected,but Outlets are not Working

Real Estate Investors looking at foreclosures may need to be warier than before when it comes to checking out a home’s electrical system.

Pitfalls for New Real Estate Investors in the 2009 Housing Market

Investing in foreclosures can be profitable, but it can bring headaches. Here are 5 real estate investing pitfalls that new investors need to avoid.

Are you Searching for a Home or Real Estate Professional in Houston?

There are new ways to search the real estate market in Houston for homes or professionals. From sidebar widgets to Twitter, and I am exploring the possibilities.

Watching Vacant Homes; Selling these Houston Lots for $1

Houston Real Estate may be cheaper than many US markets, but did you know know that you could buy a lot for $1. Here is one way to get rid of a vacant home.

Census Data for Real Estate Investors

Knowing some facts about Houston real estate can help the average buyer, but it can prove vital for the real estate investor. Entrepreneurs need to be up on statistical abstracts to spot the trends and forecasts to make wise home buying decisions.

Community Choice in Real Estate

Real Estate, Banks, and the Internet. Why do we need S 413 (HR 111)? Realtor Associations seem to take a view of stopping any change that could effect their business model. Maybe it is time to have them evaluate their own model.

For Real Estate Investors Considering Becoming Landlords: Rental Criteria Forms

A new Texas rule requires that Landlords (real estate investors) have to present their criteria for selecting a tenant.

What Could Be Happening in Houston Real Estate when We Have Banks Failing?

With bank failures looming large, Houston real estate could be looking bad, but look closer to find bright spots.

Home Inspection Checklist for Texas Home Inspectors and Real Estate Investors

With new rules concerning home inspections going into effect February 2009, here is a checklist that home inspectors and real estate investors can use.

Where is the Houston Real Estate Market Heading?

Good news and bad news for the Houston housing market from press releases and blogs.

A Real Estate Investor’s Comfort Area

Real estate investment in other areas takes some planning. A home inspector gives you some items to consider.

The Houston Real Estate Market at a Glance

This is the time of year when home sales decrease, but there may be more to it than the season. Look at these posts to see the Houston Real Estate market.

This Week In Houston Real Estate: 10/16/08

Houston Real Estate Market Analysis from different Realtors in the area.

REIT Analysis for Real Estate Investors

For a real estate investor, determining what type of property to buy can be as easy as looking at the trend in REITs.

The Full Service One Stop Houston Real Estate Shop

Houston real estate is changing with home inspections being offered as part of the service when buying or selling a home. This may mean cost savings for clients

This Week in Houston Real Estate: 10/09/08

A guide to some blog posts about the real estate market in Houston.

Update On My Efforts for This Site

Documenting my efforts of creating and marketing a real estate destination site for Houston to benefit my home inspection business.

Real Estate News For Those About to Sell/Buy A Home or About Your Appraisal

News for people dealing with a home sale in the Houston area after Hurricane Ike. Also some other news about building inspections in storm effected areas.

Creating Your Own Real Estate Search Engine with the Help of Zillow

RE professionals should consider creating their own alternative search engine to be ahead of the curve, and to create a community hub on the net for their own area.

Real Estate Around A Mall: A Trip to Memorial City Mall

Taking the kids to Memorial City Mall turned out to be fun, and it made me consider the real estate situation near the mall. Maybe not such a bad place to live if you are working in the Energy Corridor of Houston.

Real Estate and Home Maintenance : Taking an Easier Step When Dealing With a Home Inspection

Caulking mortar joints can be an easy home maintenance task, but some care should be taken. Home inspections reveal problems here, but there are easy ways to deal with this project.

Creating A Real Estate Survey by Using an Free Open Source Software Tool

To expand my authority, I found that I could use an open source survey creation software to produce a questionnaire about real estate issues. This allows a website to create its own data for finding answers.

The Credit Crisis Anniversary and A Strain of Dislike of the Real Estate Industry

Considering the past year of the credit and housing crisis, the real estate industry should take stock and see where it should go. Transparency may be a key to that change.

Does Yahoo’s BOSS present a Challenge to Real Estate Sites?

Search is the medium we use for interacting with the web, and more sites are offeing search specific to one topic. Could Yahoo’s BOSS help a new search site take on established sites?

Is Your Firm Helping You Market Your Listings?

After finding a marketing study detailing the positions for brokerages on the internt, I am thinking about if it might be better for your marketing to go through an alt search engine.

How many Realtors should you call before choosing one to work with?

Most consumers never investigate who they should use as their Realtor, but this may not be the best course of action for you.

Real Estate Auctions Vs. Foreclosure Auctions

The difference between a real estate auction and a foreclosure auction. Possibly misleading advertising in a real estate deal.

Exit Interviews: how do you determine how the job went?

Improving customer service through the use of exit interviews.

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