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Take Care of the Front; Leave the Back Alone

Is there a trend of not maintaining our homes growing? Do we see houses a places to stay, or as our homes?

Plumbing Maintenance and Rain Barrels

Home plumbing maintenance and rain barrels.

How to Take Care of Your Foundation

Should taking care of your foundation be part of your home maintenance routine? It should if you want to avoid other problems in your home.

How to Repair Your Fascia

The board along your roof line is called the fascia.As a home inspector, I find moisture damage in many homes when performing my inspections.

Reducing Your Utility Bills by Plan

As a home inspector, I always give advice on how to reduce energy costs to my clients; however rising prices means that reducing your energy consumption does not necessarily mean lower cost. Here is a method that I use to see if I am on target to saving money.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Making your home green does not always mean replacing with green materials, but finding ways to make what you have last longer. This can be a challenge on a roof, but it is possible.

Home Inspections and Do It Yourself Repairs Nitpicking Concerns

A home inspector’s insight into how do it yourself home maintenance jobs should be done.

Builder/Remodelers Finding Ways to Thrive in a Down Market

A creative means to generate income with a home maintenance service from one Builder/Remodeler may be a benefit to homeowners. This is an area that home inspectors have noticed is not being taken care of, but it could cost homeowners in the future.

Real Estate and Home Maintenance : Taking an Easier Step When Dealing With a Home Inspection

Caulking mortar joints can be an easy home maintenance task, but some care should be taken. Home inspections reveal problems here, but there are easy ways to deal with this project.

The Home Maintenance Journal

After reading a few articles on the effectiveness of keeping a journal, an idea is developed how this technique could be used for your home maintenance issues.

THE Tool

Professionals have to consider the language they are using and if their clients understand those terms.

The Harvest Will Be In: The Problem with Gutters

Proper gutter maintenance is the best way to take care of your roof, walls, and foundation in one simple step. Here is what one inspector found.

What you can do to avoid future problems with your home

Preventing problems with the home is better than having to make repairs later.

Who should do the repairs in your new home?

Should you use a contractor or do a repair yourself?

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