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Insulating Gas Water Heaters

At one point the advice was not to insulate gas water heaters. You may now see advice that you should to improve energy efficiency. Insulating can help, but you need to do it correctly.

Should I Insulate Under My Pier and Beam Home?

A further question to ask is should I insulate a home built the 1920s? There are different schools of thought to this question, so let us explore the reasoning behind why you will hear different contractors make various suggestions.

Can I have Insulation Around My Recessed Lighting?

To have better energy efficiency we need insulation. For design reasons, we want a recessed light. These two things do not always go together.

Is It Bad to Have Insulation Against the Roof Sheathing?

We want insulation in our homes, but can insulation cause a problem? Improperly installed insulation can.

Are Shafts to My Attic Energy Efficient?

Any break in you insulation allows for a great reduction in your energy efficiency, but you may not realize it, there could be a good number of breaks in your attic insulation.

What is Thermal Bridging?

To make your home green, you should understand a little building science to make wiser choices.

How Does Insulation Work

Insulation does not simply hold hot or cold air in place

Garage Door Insulation

When you have an attached garage, or you are creating a conditioned workspace in a garage, you will need to insulate the doors to improve your energy efficiency.

Why You Should not Over Insulate Your Home

I have been studying insulation lately, and how homeowners could improve their energy efficiency, but then I remembered moisture control.

Improving Doors to the Attic

Attic doors can be problematic, because they allow the temperature from the attic flow through to your conditioned space.

Up the Flue: Making a Home Energy Tight

Your home’s insulation may not be complete, causing you to loose money.

Why Are Attached Garages Energy Inefficient?: A how to improve your garage guide to reduce energy costs

A Houston home inspector looks at a step towards a green home conversion that a homeowner can take, when they have an attached garage.

Green Home Conversion Heating and Cooling Part 2

My home inspections reveal many problems with insulation or preventing the loss of conditioned air, or the intrusion of heat or cold into the home. Here are some simple steps to take to tighten the seal of an older home.

Passive Designs and Mechanical Solutions Towards A Greener Home

After having been on many home inspections, I feel that passive designs can be better for the home, but mechanical systems have their place; they just have to be thought out well.

How to Evaluate a Room

Evaluating a room without a home inspector’s tool kit.

Steps to Inspecting an Air Conditioning System

A simplified way to inspect your air conditioning system without a home inspector’s tool kit.

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