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Could Solar Powered Exterior Lights Replace Floodlights?

An inspector experiments replacing his floodlights with solar powered accent lights to see if his wife approves.

Creating A Successful Blog for a Small Business

For a small business targeting a local area, a blog can be an effective tool. You do not need to work on it like many other blogs to have it drive clients to you.

Home Inspection as a Career in This Downturn

A post disputing some articles about going into the home inspection business at this time.

Where is the Houston Real Estate Market Heading?

Good news and bad news for the Houston housing market from press releases and blogs.

Finding the Right REIT for You

Going over some financial numbers to determine which REIT is best.

Green Home Conversion

The beginning of a series of post on the idea of how to convert your existing home into a green one.

Do I Need a Home Inspector to Check Out My Home After the Hurricane?

Obvious damage from a storm will be handled by your insurance company, but you may need a home inspector if there are unseen problems, but there are steps to take care of this yourself.

Real Estate News For Those About to Sell/Buy A Home or About Your Appraisal

News for people dealing with a home sale in the Houston area after Hurricane Ike. Also some other news about building inspections in storm effected areas.

What Does It Mean When My House Has Been Red Tagged?

Once your home has been red tagged due to hurricane damage, you should take proper steps to have the home repaired in the correct way.

Can A Home Inspector Be Wrong? : Evaluating an Inspection Report

Most home inspectors work hard to do a good job, but every so often there is a home inspection which can make us look bad.

A Unique Blog: Firefox told me so with its related links

Finding that Firefox does not list related links for my site, I decided to create my own list of home inspection blogs for those wanting to see what else is being written.

An Open Letter to the Houston Association of Realtors

Some thoughts on improving the Houston Association of Realtors’ website (HAR.com)to better serve the community (real estate professionals and consumers).

Creating A Real Estate Survey by Using an Free Open Source Software Tool

To expand my authority, I found that I could use an open source survey creation software to produce a questionnaire about real estate issues. This allows a website to create its own data for finding answers.

Analyzing Other Home Inspector’s Reports

Common features in some reports from other home inspectors can cause problems for people trying to understand those findings. After analyzing a few reports, I go over some problems for the consumer.

Houston Home Inspection 77074: Looking at Geotargeting and Blog Statistics

A home inspector looks at geotargeting a specific zip code, basing this tactic on his discoveries when examining statisitcs from his blog site to his static site.

The Trend Towards Required Inspections: The Idea Behind Point of Sale Inspections

There is a growing trend to make home inspections a standard practice in the sale of a home. Some aspects of this movement may not be in the best interest of those involved in the sale.

Flood Plain Maps in Houston and Beyond

Home inspectors are frequently asked about flood plains. This is not part of an inspection, but here is the way we find out about flood plains in your area.

Can a Blog Be a Third Place? (Including Affiliate Marketing Programs to Enhance Your Blog)

Creating a useful blog for your business sometimes means going beyond the immediate boundaries of your business to create a “third place” on the internet for your market. Affiliate programs can help with this goal.

The Plight of the Home Garden

Thoughts on what is happening to our home designs and properties, and how that might effect our lives.

Red Snails in the Sunset: Pests around the home

Dealing with common pests around your home.

A Tail of Two Dogs

Dealing with dogs and the damage that they could cause.

THE Tool

Professionals have to consider the language they are using and if their clients understand those terms.

Foreclosure Inspections: Part 2 -finding work in the field

A follow up post detailing how to begin a search for finding work in the field of foreclosure inspections.

The Harvest Will Be In: The Problem with Gutters

Proper gutter maintenance is the best way to take care of your roof, walls, and foundation in one simple step. Here is what one inspector found.

Honey, the house is in the mail: Looking at pre-fabs

Would you order a house to be delivered? Pre-fab homes are starting to be handled this way.

A Book By Any Other Cover

You never know where business may come from, so take a deeper look at your clients.

Turning the Utilities Back On In a Winterized Home

A post detailing concerns when turning utilities back on in a foreclosed home.

Which Brokerage Should My Daughter Use to Sell Her House

An examination of marketing and real estate.

Unusual Marketing Tip #358: The Fragrant Landscape

A humorous home selling tip

A Website for Houston Foodaholics

A site that provides reviews of local eateries.

Would you install a powerplant in your home?

CHP systems may become more common in the future; currently only high end homes would have their own power plant.

What does a home inspector do?

A description of what to expect from a home inspector.

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