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What Are the Parts of a Texas Home Inpsection Report

Do you want to understand your home inspection report? We will examine the five main sections and then the other sections of the home inspection report, along with some other aspects surrounding the report.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Your HVAC Serviced

A guest post posing the idea that during the winter, it may be better to have your HVAC serviced, instead of waiting till the heat of summer.

How to Make an Attic More Energy Efficient

Creating a passive system that will not cause you to spend money on a utilities to help with the energy efficiency of your home.

Hiding Those Unsightly Exterior Air Conditioning Units

Inspection concerns for a compressor/condenser/outside air conditioner/ac, along with ideas for blending it into the landscape or hiding it.

Entendiendo Tu Reporte: C. Sistemas de Calentamiento, Ventilación Y Aire Acondicionado

Una pagina sobre la Sistemas de Calentamiento, Ventilacion Y Aire Acondicionado en el reporte de un inspeccion de la casa.

Steps to Inspecting an Air Conditioning System

A simplified way to inspect your air conditioning system without a home inspector’s tool kit.

How to Inspect the Electrical System

Steps to evaluate an electrical system without a home inspector’s toolkit.

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