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Houston Home Inspection Services

What do you need to know about the services of Houston home inspection companies? Doing a comparison analysis of data on their website may not be enough.

A Look Back at Home Inspection in 2011

As the end of the year approaches, I am thinking of the trends that I noticed in Houston real estate.

Easy steps to improve your housing search

The following is a guest post going over the steps to simplify your search for a new place to live.

Are There City of Houston Websites to Show Their Green Plans or Their Growth Plans?

Do you want know how the City of Houston will grow? Are you curious abut our efforts to keep the city looking beautiful or green? The city has some websites for you.

Creating Better Spaces to Live

There is much discussion about our urban environment with ideas like the Transition Town and Livable Streets movements, but are you considering how your neighborhood should move forward.

The Housing Forecast for Late 2010 in Houston

Where is the real estate market heading? Is the housing market recovering or not, and is Houston an exception? As new data come into pay, we real estate professionals focus on one data point to say great, but we need to see the broader picture.

Review of Houston’s Green Building Resource Center

Knowing about the products going into your home can help you understand the consequences to your budget and environment.

S&P/Case Shiller Price Index

Originally published in the forum. I am placing it here since it has an explanation as to why Houston is not in this index

What to Expect When Buying a Historic Houston Home

As more people are looking for properties closer to downtown, some are opting to keep the historic homes, instead of tearing them down for a town home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

As the hurricane season approaches, you may want to have your home ready now to ensure the least amount of damage.

A New Page: A Home Inspection Report

A new page on this site is provided to show you what would be written in a home inspection report.

What is the Future of Green Products in the Home?

Is there a future trend that we can spot that will indicate what will be incorporated into green homes? How do we define eco-friendly?

Considering Foreclosures as Green Homes in Houston

This is more of an editorial piece looking at the foreclosure problem that does exist in Houston and elsewhere, and how this can be a green home opportunity.

How to Find a Green Home Houston!

A guide looking at discovering your green home in Houston.

Why are Flats Roofs Bad for Houston?

I may bring up the idea of green homes a bit, but really the point is to build a home suitable for the climate. In other words, we should consider smart designs, not just green designs.

Is this a side effect of the recession? Discounting Commissions

The effects of the recession on real estate commissions.

Green Building Initiatives in Houston, May 2009

A look at some news coming from the Mayor’s office on the greening of our city.

Should We Want a Smart Grid in Houston?

Arguments against smart grids are arising, and the Mayor’s Electric Reliability Task Force’s Report may find some detractors.

What is a Smart Grid? And How Will a Mid Grid Effect Houston?

Finding ways to deliver energy efficiently, cheaply, and securely while avoiding power outages is becoming a new goal.

Houston’s HOPE Program Can Help You into a Home

This program has been in existence for a few years, but here is a new look at its potential.

How to Take Care of Your Foundation

Should taking care of your foundation be part of your home maintenance routine? It should if you want to avoid other problems in your home.

Are you Searching for a Home or Real Estate Professional in Houston?

There are new ways to search the real estate market in Houston for homes or professionals. From sidebar widgets to Twitter, and I am exploring the possibilities.

Watching Vacant Homes; Selling these Houston Lots for $1

Houston Real Estate may be cheaper than many US markets, but did you know know that you could buy a lot for $1. Here is one way to get rid of a vacant home.

Census Data for Real Estate Investors

Knowing some facts about Houston real estate can help the average buyer, but it can prove vital for the real estate investor. Entrepreneurs need to be up on statistical abstracts to spot the trends and forecasts to make wise home buying decisions.

Significant Changes to Your Home Inspection Report

Home Inspectors in Houston (and all over Texas) should be aware that a new property inspection report is in place. Here is a summary of some significant changes that the consumer should know. This post is meant as a companion piece to my previous posts that were written in the “Understanding Your Report” Category.

Reducing Your Utility Bills by Plan

As a home inspector, I always give advice on how to reduce energy costs to my clients; however rising prices means that reducing your energy consumption does not necessarily mean lower cost. Here is a method that I use to see if I am on target to saving money.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Making your home green does not always mean replacing with green materials, but finding ways to make what you have last longer. This can be a challenge on a roof, but it is possible.

Why Are Attached Garages Energy Inefficient?: A how to improve your garage guide to reduce energy costs

A Houston home inspector looks at a step towards a green home conversion that a homeowner can take, when they have an attached garage.

Creating A Successful Blog for a Small Business

For a small business targeting a local area, a blog can be an effective tool. You do not need to work on it like many other blogs to have it drive clients to you.

What Could Be Happening in Houston Real Estate when We Have Banks Failing?

With bank failures looming large, Houston real estate could be looking bad, but look closer to find bright spots.

Adding Trim to Cover the Gap Between a Wall and a Cabinet

Taking time to make your work professional can be easier when thinking of other ways to do the work.

Where is the Houston Real Estate Market Heading?

Good news and bad news for the Houston housing market from press releases and blogs.

Green Home Conversion: Heating and Cooling Part 3.5

During a home inspection, I found an unusual air flow system.

Green Home Conversion; Heating and Cooling Part 4

Passive cooling is not part of our design methodology, but we can incorporate some ideas into our homes to reduce energy costs.

The Houston Real Estate Market at a Glance

This is the time of year when home sales decrease, but there may be more to it than the season. Look at these posts to see the Houston Real Estate market.

Houston’s Housing Crisis: A Viewpoint

Houston’s has its own housing crisis, but it might be able to quickly address it.

After Hurricane Ike: Going Back to Normal

Some news about clean-up efforts after Hurricane Ike, and Houston’s curbside recycling.

This Week in Houston Real Estate 10/23/08

A look at what is happening in Houston real estate from the perspective of blogs. Topics include apartment construction and the housing market recovery.

Home Contractors That You Can Trust

Home inspections reveal problems with work done by contractors working on your home, and you need the BBB to have the contractor’s work done right.

Green Home Conversion: Heating and Cooling Part 1

An overview of looking at your home’s air conditioning and how it can be turned green.

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