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Should We Have a Moratorium on Foreclosures?

We have one side calling for a halt to all foreclosures, while the other side states they should proceed. However, do we know what we are trying to accomplish? Will our efforts result in a desired result?

The Housing Forecast for Late 2010 in Houston

Where is the real estate market heading? Is the housing market recovering or not, and is Houston an exception? As new data come into pay, we real estate professionals focus on one data point to say great, but we need to see the broader picture.

What Could Be Happening in Houston Real Estate when We Have Banks Failing?

With bank failures looming large, Houston real estate could be looking bad, but look closer to find bright spots.

Where is the Houston Real Estate Market Heading?

Good news and bad news for the Houston housing market from press releases and blogs.

This Week in Houston Real Estate 10/23/08

A look at what is happening in Houston real estate from the perspective of blogs. Topics include apartment construction and the housing market recovery.

Will Your Title Company Be There Tomorrow?

Title companies are either pulling out of the Houston market, or they are becoming insolvent. This is leading to concerns in the housing sector as buyers are worried about where their home closing may take place.

Maybe Secretary Paulson Should Stop Speaking

Honest remarks are needed about our current economic situation with clear guidance to prevent further issues arising from the current market conditions.

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