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How Soon Should a Home Inspector Take to Write a Report?

A home inspector can give you the information about the findings verbally, but a home inspection report is the document that you need. Should you be kept waiting for this report?

How to Perform a Better Home Inspection

Can your home inspector find every single problem in your home? Probably not. Even the best home inspection could possibly miss an issue, but we can strive to make home inspections better.

What Are the Parts of a Texas Home Inpsection Report

Do you want to understand your home inspection report? We will examine the five main sections and then the other sections of the home inspection report, along with some other aspects surrounding the report.

Roofing Home Inspector

A tale of what happened to one home buyer when looking to purchase a home. Examining the roof is important.

How Should a Home Inspector Gather Data during an Inspection?

If you were going to do your job better, should you not use a technique that ensures improved performance? A checklist can be one tool that a home inspector should have during an inspection.

When Your Realtor and Home Inspector Are Fighting

You choose your Realtor, and you can choose who you want as a mortgage lender, home inspector, appraiser, or whoever to help you with the sale or purchase of the home, but what if they are fighting?

Home Inspection Process

I like hearing and reading about different perspectives in the real estate industry, and I invite others to write guest posts to share their knowledge or views about their work, or what they see. I think this can be a great benefit for my readers. The following is a guest post from a Home Inspector ,Ben Evans, who contacted me with the desire to write for you, so I hope that you enjoy it.

Did Your Home Inspector See and Report on Everything That Was A Problem?

What should a home inspector be held responsible for? Inspections are to be of visible items, and this may raise a question if they did their report correctly.

New Home Warranty Inspections in Houston

Should I have a new home warranty inspection? Would there be any problems with a new home?

Do It Yourself Home Inspection

Is this a growing trend? Is there any reason to hire a home inspector? I have been seeing a rise in queries for do it yourself home inspections, and comments that home inspections are not needed.

Defining the Value in a Service

Consumers are looking for value, at least that is what the trend gurus state. However, How do you know that you are getting value. Is value only described by price or by other factors?

What Is the Legal Responsibility of a Home Inspector on the Report?

A recent comment on a post about home inspection scams caused me to think about a recent home inspection, and what I as a home inspector could have missed.

A New Page: A Home Inspection Report

A new page on this site is provided to show you what would be written in a home inspection report.

Did my Home Inspector Perform All the Necessary Tests?

The internet provides us with so much information to check on what a home inspector should check, but you may be leading yourself astray.

Preparing Your Home for the Hurricane Season

A home inspector’s look at often overlooked items which could cause damage during a windstorm.

Significant Changes to Your Home Inspection Report

Home Inspectors in Houston (and all over Texas) should be aware that a new property inspection report is in place. Here is a summary of some significant changes that the consumer should know. This post is meant as a companion piece to my previous posts that were written in the “Understanding Your Report” Category.

A look at the National Green Building Standard; ANSI 700

An expanded version of the post that I wrote for HomeFinder.com. I wanted to deal with some details for home inspectors and home buyers on this green building program.

Home Inspections and Do It Yourself Repairs Nitpicking Concerns

A home inspector’s insight into how do it yourself home maintenance jobs should be done.

Current Concerns in the Home: Consumer Recalls and Improved Standards

Home inspectors concerned with home safety will now be looking at these water heaters, wall ovens, fire sprinklers, and hurricane building standards.

A Real Estate Investor’s Comfort Area

Real estate investment in other areas takes some planning. A home inspector gives you some items to consider.

Thoughts after the Hurricane

Lessons learned after a hurricane or just some random thoughts from a home inspector.

Can the Home Buyer Force the Seller to Make Repairs?

A home inspector’s home inspection report is not a mandatory repair list for the seller, but a new law does make such repairs required when in the contract.

Home Inspection Scams

Looking into possible ways an inspector could be used in a scam, or how he could perpetrate a scam.

Is your Electrical Outlet Protected?: a look at AFCI/GFCI

An explanation of what an AFCI and a GFCI outlet is and what they do.

County Inspections: Property Code Chapter 446 The New Texas Law for Residential Inspections

Property code 446 details how the TRCC will inspect residential construction in areas without a building inspector.

Oh, For a Beautiful Exterior

Stucco and EIFS homes may not be the best for the Houston climate. Here are some concerns with these wall coverings.

Adventures in Finding Free Advertising on the Internet

Everyone is looking for a free ride, here is what I found.

Delving into the Paperwork :Part 6- The End of the Papers

Bringing everything together in dealing with your paperwork; a last little bit of advice from your home inspector.

Delving into the Paperwork :Part 4- A description of the closing paperwork

You will never find an inspector at a closing, but this post recalls my experience and the paperwork I dealt with.

Delving into the Paperwork: Part 3 – A description of mortgage paperwork

A look at the mortgage paperwork. Details of what to look over closely from a Houston home inspector.

Delving into the Paperwork: Part 2 How to start your wanderings

A home inspector looks at the paperwork used in a home purchase.

Delving into the Paperwork

A home inspector in Houston begins his journey to look at the paperwork involved in buying a home.

Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

A look at how the homeowner can improve his water and energy efficiency.

What you can do to avoid future problems with your home

Preventing problems with the home is better than having to make repairs later.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Ways to obtain the best homeowner’s insurance in Houston (and elsewhere) form a home inspector.

A Quick Guide to Mortgages

Basic explanations to terms used in loan applications and types of mortgages.

Who should do the repairs in your new home?

Should you use a contractor or do a repair yourself?

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