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Making a Home Inspection Report more Readable

An examination of a journey into the user experience of a home inspection report to find a better way to communicate.

Houston Home Inspection Services

What do you need to know about the services of Houston home inspection companies? Doing a comparison analysis of data on their website may not be enough.

A Look Back at Home Inspection in 2011

As the end of the year approaches, I am thinking of the trends that I noticed in Houston real estate.

Top Ten DIY Home Inspection Tips

A guest post from Kim Reid detailing how you can perform a home inspection on your own by following her ten home inspection tips.

When Buying a Home, Can a Pool Cause Me Not to Get Insurance?

As our understanding of home safety improves, we could find insurance companies requiring us to meet new standards that address these issues. Swimming pools can be the main problem for many home buyers.

Should I Have a Newly Constructed Home Inspected?

A newly built home should be perfect, right? I mean that they just completed construction, so what can be wrong. Well, the details may be the issue.

How to Perform a Better Home Inspection

Can your home inspector find every single problem in your home? Probably not. Even the best home inspection could possibly miss an issue, but we can strive to make home inspections better.

Cracked Rafters: A Home Inspection Case Study

Why do rafters crack? Relating the story of what a client heard that caused them concern, and how the idea behind the cause was developed.

What Are the Parts of a Texas Home Inpsection Report

Do you want to understand your home inspection report? We will examine the five main sections and then the other sections of the home inspection report, along with some other aspects surrounding the report.

A List of Common Home Maintenance Items

During my home inspections, there are consistent findings which a homeowner could fix or at least have fixed, so here is a list to help you out.

The Future of the Home Inspection Industry

Are we heading into a new set of operating rules in real estate? Could this mean there is a chance for evolution in the home inspection industry? If home inspectors want to stay ahead of the curve, they may wish to be looking at other business opportunities.

Revealing Home Inspection Secrets

Marketing tactic or honesty: what secrets do think need to be revealed?

What Evidence Is Needed for a Home Inspection Report?

How should a home inspector document his findings? Does he need proof for everything he finds, and what form should that proof take?

Home Inspection Process

I like hearing and reading about different perspectives in the real estate industry, and I invite others to write guest posts to share their knowledge or views about their work, or what they see. I think this can be a great benefit for my readers. The following is a guest post from a Home Inspector ,Ben Evans, who contacted me with the desire to write for you, so I hope that you enjoy it.

Did Your Home Inspector See and Report on Everything That Was A Problem?

What should a home inspector be held responsible for? Inspections are to be of visible items, and this may raise a question if they did their report correctly.

New Home Warranty Inspections in Houston

Should I have a new home warranty inspection? Would there be any problems with a new home?

Do It Yourself Home Inspection

Is this a growing trend? Is there any reason to hire a home inspector? I have been seeing a rise in queries for do it yourself home inspections, and comments that home inspections are not needed.

Defining the Value in a Service

Consumers are looking for value, at least that is what the trend gurus state. However, How do you know that you are getting value. Is value only described by price or by other factors?

What Is the Legal Responsibility of a Home Inspector on the Report?

A recent comment on a post about home inspection scams caused me to think about a recent home inspection, and what I as a home inspector could have missed.

Where Should the Smoke Alarms be Located

Rules about smoke alarms seem to confuse sellers, buyers, and other real estate professionals, so let us go over some basics.

Wood Shingles Under My Composite Shingles

Can I put new shingles over my wood shingle roof?

How Much Time Does a Home Inspctor Spend on an Inspection?

A recent comment by me on Facebook prompted an acquaintance to ask me to justify  how I determine the average amount of time spent on an inspection.

Did my Home Inspector Perform All the Necessary Tests?

The internet provides us with so much information to check on what a home inspector should check, but you may be leading yourself astray.

Taking the Time to Understand Your Home

A home inspection may be your best source to learn about your home’s systems

How is a Slab on Grade Foundation Made

A look at the steps in making a typical slab on grade foundation for your home.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Selling a Home “As Is”?

Sellers are trying to deal with a Buyer’s market and maintaining their investments, so here is some advice for the seller.

How to Take Care of Your Foundation

Should taking care of your foundation be part of your home maintenance routine? It should if you want to avoid other problems in your home.

How to Repair Your Fascia

The board along your roof line is called the fascia.As a home inspector, I find moisture damage in many homes when performing my inspections.

Watching Vacant Homes; Selling these Houston Lots for $1

Houston Real Estate may be cheaper than many US markets, but did you know know that you could buy a lot for $1. Here is one way to get rid of a vacant home.

Significant Changes to Your Home Inspection Report

Home Inspectors in Houston (and all over Texas) should be aware that a new property inspection report is in place. Here is a summary of some significant changes that the consumer should know. This post is meant as a companion piece to my previous posts that were written in the “Understanding Your Report” Category.

How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Making your home green does not always mean replacing with green materials, but finding ways to make what you have last longer. This can be a challenge on a roof, but it is possible.

Home Inspections and Do It Yourself Repairs Nitpicking Concerns

A home inspector’s insight into how do it yourself home maintenance jobs should be done.

Adding Trim to Cover the Gap Between a Wall and a Cabinet

Taking time to make your work professional can be easier when thinking of other ways to do the work.

A Real Estate Investor’s Comfort Area

Real estate investment in other areas takes some planning. A home inspector gives you some items to consider.

Should You Turn the Utilities Back on in a Winterized Home?

Real estate investors and homeowners should be forewarned that water damage can occur when turning on this utility. There is a possibility of damage from other utilities too.

A Seller’s Response to a Buyer’s Home Inspection Report

Do not get mad; get even (maybe). Finding a way to deal with the buyer’s home inspection report to keep the sale alive. Consider home warranties and repairs along with negotiations an agreement can be reached.

The Roof and its Framing: Avoiding Problems When Reframing an Attic

The roof and its framing can show many issues with a home. Some start when a new roof is installed. During a home inspection, I see a common framing mistake, but some solutions can be done by the homeowner, with a little knowledge.

What Could Be My New Roof?

Thinking of changing your home’s appearance with a new roof, or do you just need a new roof, then you should take a look at this post which goes over some aspects of your plan for replacing a roof.

Is it time for a new roof?

To help you look at the factors which may cause you to need to replace your roof from a home inspector’s perspective.

Home Inspection Scams

Looking into possible ways an inspector could be used in a scam, or how he could perpetrate a scam.

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