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Living an Energy Efficient Lifestyle

Are we deluding ourselves? We move into a green home or energy efficient home, expecting savings that never come. Could this be that we do not understand how to use our home, or is it that we need to make lifestyle choices?

Does My Home Need A Home Energy Audit?

Building performance evaluations, home energy audits, and green home consultants are growing trends. You may be wondering if you should put your home through such a stress test.

Should You Filter the Water from Your Greywater System

In Houston, there are rules about greywater systems and how that water is used. Filtering the water is required if the water will be reused inside the home, but what about outside the house?

Green Homes are not Energy Efficient or Sustainable

How does your new green home stack up against an existing house? Maybe you paid more for a label.

Which Products Should I Use in my Green Home?

A green home may mean different things to various organizations, and you may find that one organization or another states that the product you are using does not mean you are being green.

Why Going Green May Not Be Acceptable to Neighbors or a Neighborhood Association

Could being green make your neighbors see red? Sometimes being an early adapter of sustainable technologies may make you the object of scorn.

Are Shafts to My Attic Energy Efficient?

Any break in you insulation allows for a great reduction in your energy efficiency, but you may not realize it, there could be a good number of breaks in your attic insulation.

What is the Future of Green Products in the Home?

Is there a future trend that we can spot that will indicate what will be incorporated into green homes? How do we define eco-friendly?

Considering Foreclosures as Green Homes in Houston

This is more of an editorial piece looking at the foreclosure problem that does exist in Houston and elsewhere, and how this can be a green home opportunity.

How to Find a Green Home Houston!

A guide looking at discovering your green home in Houston.

How to build a solar wall oven?

After having written a post about building a solar oven, I was asked over the weekend by a friend, could I build one into the home. I took the challenge to make a plan.

How to Make an Attic More Energy Efficient

Creating a passive system that will not cause you to spend money on a utilities to help with the energy efficiency of your home.

Building Higher Ceilings for a Greener Home

A passive way to create a greener home has one simple step that many buyers do not consider: high ceilings.

Tax Credits for Greening Your Home

A post about the green tax credits that you can get for your home.

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