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How to Seal Your Air Duct

Insulating is great; however, you could have energy efficiency issues with your air ducts. Sealing your air ducts can help to make your system more efficient.

Insulating Gas Water Heaters

At one point the advice was not to insulate gas water heaters. You may now see advice that you should to improve energy efficiency. Insulating can help, but you need to do it correctly.

Buying An Energy Efficient Furnace

Older furnaces can cost you money, so find out what you need to know when buying a new furnace.

What is a U-Factor for Energy Efficient Homes?

As we use more science in building our homes, homeowners may want to understand what is being discussed. U-factor has been a term used in the past, but now is seen more frequently when energy efficient standards are being mentioned.

Can Shutters Or Blinds Be Energy Efficient?

Windows are problematic when it comes to energy efficiency. We have long used a shutter or a blind to help keep a room cool or warm, but does this really help.

First Steps in Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Are you planning to spend money on your home this year? Is your project focused on improving you energy efficiency? Then there is the likely chance that you are going to take the wrong step.

Living an Energy Efficient Lifestyle

Are we deluding ourselves? We move into a green home or energy efficient home, expecting savings that never come. Could this be that we do not understand how to use our home, or is it that we need to make lifestyle choices?

Using Less to Save Money

This joke is becoming old: we have reduced our energy usage, but our bills remain the same, because energy costs keep going up, he said with a laugh. How do we save money?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of LED Lights

For the last two years, we have heard about using CFLs, and now we have LED lights. LED lights may be the wave of the future

How Do We Measure Energy Efficiency?

There are many more professionals offering advice on energy efficiency, or making claims that a new product will help improve energy efficiency, but is this advice relevant?

Why Is a Window Latch Important?

Can you fully close your windows? Does it matter if you cannot? When looking at homes small things can make a big difference.

Is Having No Attic the Most Energy Efficient Option for Your Home?

There are homes designed without attics, and there are homeowners who wish to raise their ceilings, but there are energy efficiency concerns with having no attic.

The Town Home and Energy Efficiency

A town home in Houston presents an air conditioning problem, which comes under energy efficiency, but standard answers for a home may not suffice.

Improving Your Return Air Ducts in Older Homes

In older homes, return air ducts are typically just a cavity in the wall, which is not energy efficient.

How to Make an Awning for Your Window

Window awnings were a standard feature on many homes, and they seem to be making a return. They are a simple way to help you lower the amount of heat coming into your home.

How to Stop Energy Loss Through a Window

Windows pose a problem. Single paned, aluminum framed windows allow heat to pass through or out of your home, so how can you stop this loss of energy?

What is Thermal Bridging?

To make your home green, you should understand a little building science to make wiser choices.

Why You Should not Over Insulate Your Home

I have been studying insulation lately, and how homeowners could improve their energy efficiency, but then I remembered moisture control.

How to Make an Attic More Energy Efficient

Creating a passive system that will not cause you to spend money on a utilities to help with the energy efficiency of your home.

Up the Flue: Making a Home Energy Tight

Your home’s insulation may not be complete, causing you to loose money.

How to Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters are making a come back as homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy bills.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System

Do you need to improve the energy efficiency for an older air conditioning unit? It may be possible to use a thermolube to improve the movement of refrigerant through your system.

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