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Flooding, Water Damage, Insurance, and You

A look at different types of insurance and the damaged that you may have to deal with after a hurricane’s flood waters damage your home.

Your Home and Its Repairs After Hurricane Ike

Time to clean up and start repairing your home after Hurricane Ike. Here is some information to help you start.

Real Estate and Home Maintenance : Taking an Easier Step When Dealing With a Home Inspection

Caulking mortar joints can be an easy home maintenance task, but some care should be taken. Home inspections reveal problems here, but there are easy ways to deal with this project.

Metro Shelving For Garage Organization

Remembering my days in food service, I knew that metro shelving can be a good option for garage organization, particularly when it is on wheels.

My Daughter’s Artwork: Cleaning Our Walls

As my daughter decides to decorate our walls with markers, we find some simple solutions to help clean our wall surfaces.

Improving the Look of Your Driveways and Sidewalks

A simple home maintenance project which can improve the look of your slab concrete driveway.

Filtering the Air in Your Home

Discussing air filter in your home and their maintenance. How often they should be cleaned or changed out.

Red Snails in the Sunset: Pests around the home

Dealing with common pests around your home.

How to Inspect a Foundation

Tackling a difficult task, finding a way to inspect a foundation.

How to Inspect a Bathrooms

Inspecting a bathroom without a home inspector’s tool kit.

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