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Finding a Quick Visual Guide to a Better Home

Need to understand the latest in home construction techniques? Well, there is a site for you.

A look at the National Green Building Standard; ANSI 700

An expanded version of the post that I wrote for HomeFinder.com. I wanted to deal with some details for home inspectors and home buyers on this green building program.

Why Are Attached Garages Energy Inefficient?: A how to improve your garage guide to reduce energy costs

A Houston home inspector looks at a step towards a green home conversion that a homeowner can take, when they have an attached garage.

Creating A Successful Blog for a Small Business

For a small business targeting a local area, a blog can be an effective tool. You do not need to work on it like many other blogs to have it drive clients to you.

Finding the Right REIT for You

Going over some financial numbers to determine which REIT is best.

REIT Analysis for Real Estate Investors

For a real estate investor, determining what type of property to buy can be as easy as looking at the trend in REITs.

Green Home Conversion

The beginning of a series of post on the idea of how to convert your existing home into a green one.

Book Review: Green from the Ground Up

Green from the Ground Up is a good background and overview of building green, and why this should be the way to construct your home.

Update On My Efforts for This Site

Documenting my efforts of creating and marketing a real estate destination site for Houston to benefit my home inspection business.

Real Estate News For Those About to Sell/Buy A Home or About Your Appraisal

News for people dealing with a home sale in the Houston area after Hurricane Ike. Also some other news about building inspections in storm effected areas.

Builder/Remodelers Finding Ways to Thrive in a Down Market

A creative means to generate income with a home maintenance service from one Builder/Remodeler may be a benefit to homeowners. This is an area that home inspectors have noticed is not being taken care of, but it could cost homeowners in the future.

Creating A Real Estate Survey by Using an Free Open Source Software Tool

To expand my authority, I found that I could use an open source survey creation software to produce a questionnaire about real estate issues. This allows a website to create its own data for finding answers.

Analyzing Other Home Inspector’s Reports

Common features in some reports from other home inspectors can cause problems for people trying to understand those findings. After analyzing a few reports, I go over some problems for the consumer.

Making a House Look Good While Wasting Money: Five Common Repairs Found During Home Inspections

Home inspectors frequently see the same things over and over again. Here are five common home problems which are easily repaired.

Fantastic Green Product Claims, But this Driveway Could Be Truly Green

Before I went out to perform some home inspections, I saw a claim for a green driveway. Once home, I checked into it further, and I think this may be something for me.

The Best Landscaping Around Your Home to Allow It to Breathe

Moisture problems on the home’s exterior are typically found during a home inspection, but with some easy steps can be prevented.

The Trend Towards Required Inspections: The Idea Behind Point of Sale Inspections

There is a growing trend to make home inspections a standard practice in the sale of a home. Some aspects of this movement may not be in the best interest of those involved in the sale.

As Real Estate Investors Balk at being Inspected, the Media Provides Stories of Why They Should Be

More communities are looking to protect tenants by requiring home inspectors to investigate rental properties. News stories such as one from Houston will only encourage this trend. Real estate investors should take steps now to protect their buildings.

Concentrating on the Dirt for Healthy Plants

Focusing just on plants does not create a healthy garden. By looking into ways of maintaining your soil, you can have a more vibrant garden.

The Art of the Matter: Art work for the home

After discovering the work of Jeff Schaller, I thought it would be good to introduce to you how I have decorated my own home.

Hiding Your Foundation: Where Homeowners and Inspectors Clash

Finding a reasonable way to hide your foundation while meeting the requirements of a home inspector.

Houston’s Infrastructure and the Home that You Buy

How can you get around Houston? It will effect the home that you buy.

Learning to Fly a Kite: Using an FTP Client to Make Your Website Do What You Want

How to use an FTP Client to upload files to your website.

The Grand Re-Opening of the Central Location of the Houston Public Library

A great place to take the family is Houston’s downtown public library.

The Plight of the Home Garden

Thoughts on what is happening to our home designs and properties, and how that might effect our lives.

By Design

Considerations on home designs and how they should be improved.

Honey, the house is in the mail: Looking at pre-fabs

Would you order a house to be delivered? Pre-fab homes are starting to be handled this way.

The Art of Deconstruction, or Why I am concerned about the loss of a movie theater

Destroying to rebuild is not always the best option, and not really a green option.

Which Brokerage Should My Daughter Use to Sell Her House

An examination of marketing and real estate.

Would you install a powerplant in your home?

CHP systems may become more common in the future; currently only high end homes would have their own power plant.

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