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Why Is One Room Getting Colder, But the Other Room Is Staying Hot?

As people are becoming more concerned with energy efficiency, they are paying attention to how the air conditioning is behaving in each room. So why is that room seem to be getting the cool air is a question I am hearing more often.

Damaged Fins on the Exterior Air Conditioning Compressor

Concerned about energy efficiency? Being concerned with the parts of your air conditioning system can be a first step.

Why is My AC Running All the Time?

Air conditioning can be problematic in a Houston summer, and units can run all day long without ever really cooling to your desired temperature.

A Couple of Articles on New Developments for Your Home

A summary with links to some articles that I have been reading on new ideas that can be applied in your home.

How to Size Your Air Conditioning System

Save energy save money. An improperly sized AC unit can be a real energy waster, so what size should my AC be? So lets look at sizing air conditioning systems.

Green Home Conversion: Heating and Cooling Part 3.5

During a home inspection, I found an unusual air flow system.

Green Home Conversion: Heating and Cooling Part 3

Discussing air flow versus temperature to create comfort in a green home.

Filtering the Air in Your Home

Discussing air filter in your home and their maintenance. How often they should be cleaned or changed out.

Hiding Those Unsightly Exterior Air Conditioning Units

Inspection concerns for a compressor/condenser/outside air conditioner/ac, along with ideas for blending it into the landscape or hiding it.

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