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The Art of the Matter: Art work for the home

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I was going through stories listed on my igoogle pages, when I decided to look over on the arts page, where I discovered a new artist to me. Looking at his pieces gave me pause to consider my home, since I recently rearranged the works in my home. I feel that it is such an easy way to enrich your life at home when you include some pieces.

During inspections, I notice that many people just place family photographs or pieces that appear to be massed produced. To my thinking this is a shame since mass produced art does not encourage reflection. I think that what can be displayed on your walls is misunderstood by some. I started collecting prints when I was seventeen. I found that I could purchase original pieces at an affordable price, although I admit the framing can cost a bit much.

Some works are not meant to stay on my walls. I have a large collection of musical instrument that I have grouped in spaces around the home. Guests at a recent party were dismayed when I pulled them off the walls for the children to play. I told them that I would rather see my instruments so I could pull one down when I want. It is better than digging them out from a closet.

I also display pieces made by my family. My wife, son, and I have always made projects. Masks from my son and I grace one spot, while my wife’s pottery is tucked in here and there. There are a few improvised sculptures too. I have seen some children’s pieces framed to nice effect, but you may find that you can create some interesting pieces. In a mechanic’s home, he framed black and white photographs of car parts. He set them up as sculptural pieces against a cloth, and the pics came out great.

I group the prints and paintings to fit a certain theme. Works in my office deal with architecture or some real estate theme. My dining room has an oriental theme for the most part, but I have some religious art with a Eastern Orthodox theme (the artist is an acquaintance, who works on painting churches). In my daughters room, I framed a movie poster as well as prints from Disney movies. Outside her door is a cell from Fantasia. There are some good posters out there for framing. My preference is for prints (paintings can be a bit expensive), but I have seen some posters framed up well to meet a room’s theme.

As for the artist, I thought that I would share my find with you. I mainly search the internet for photographers. There has been great work done with digital media now. This artist works through painting and silk screens. His name is Jeff Schaller. His work does not quite fit with what I have in my home right now, but I liked the pieces that I could see at the link. He takes elements from the fifties and sixties to build on them to find a good contemporary feel.

You may be surprised, but if you look around your community, you may just find a local artist who has pieces that are affordable. You will be surprised at how many artists you may have met. During this past week, I was at two gatherings, and I found myself in conversations with local artists. Collecting from someone you have met gives a special touch to a piece. Look into original prints, to see that some work may be easily in your reach.

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