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How to Figure Out Where Your Furniture Should Go in a Room

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A new online app from a firm in the Netherlands offers a great option for people looking at their home’s design.

Have you ever drawn a room on a piece of graph paper, then you have cut outs representing the furniture? That is a pretty common project in my house as wife, son, daughter, and I try to determine what will work best. A couple of months ago, I was looking into opensource apps which could handle this function. I did find some good ones, but I felt that my paper method was fine. I did look into seeing if I could have such a program available on this site for users, but I was not sure if it would be used that often.

I follow Hector Russo of geeksroom.com on Twitter, and he always finds good apps for WordPress or just in general items on the web. A recent tweet from him revealed a design program that I could really enjoy. So giving credit to the source, here is his post about the floor planner. The firm is from the Netherlands, and they offer different versions to suit the needs of their clients. The basic version is free, and it is great if you are trying to decide the lay out of your home. Two premium levels are for those working on more projects, so if you are a professional, you may want to check these versions. It appears to be in beta mode now, but you can develop your own plan at floorplanner.com.

If you are interested in seeing how others have used this app, you need to go to their gallery section. I like the water slide. The plans can be viewed in 2D or in 3D. What sets this apart for me is the look and feel of the images. Using vector images for home designs is nothing new, but these do appear to have a bit more depth than other programs that I was examining. You can obtain a good idea of what a room or a home may look like after creating a plan.

For your consideration before beginning to plan a layout, you may want to take a few measurements first. I worked as a draftsman, and I have a little familiarity with CAD programs (which is what floorplanner is). I found that my wife and son would cut out squares representing chairs, beds, and desks because they looked right. When it came time to fit everything into the room, they discovered that the design had gone awry. If you are using paper or a program like floorplanner, you have to understand the space that you are working in, and the sizes of the objects in that space. Carefully measure your room and the furnishings that you want to go into it. Once these measurements have been transferred to your plan, you will have a better idea of what will work. My drafting ruler has a scale where one inch is broken into twelves, so I have an easy ratio to work with. You could create a ruler from cardboard with this ratio, or you could set each eighth(1/8”) to equal one inch. This can be a little confusing when setting up your room on graph paper, but it saves time when making designs later.

Another aspect where I see people fail is in the idea that a couch or a chair has to go up against a wall. In my office, I have a love seat at an angle. It has a plant stand behind it, and this arrangement creates space for a table between the couch and the chair. The master bedroom has the bed in the middle of the room, so we can walk all round it. When moving objects around on your plan, do not be limited as to where they can be placed. What I cannot do with my paper, but that can be done with floorplanner is to look at the walls in the 3D model. Shelves or nooks in walls can be great storage spaces.

A well thought out design can help make a home more enjoyable. < ! -google_ad_section_start- >Interior design aids like this software< ! -google_ad_section_end- >, my paper model, or design books can be a great assistance to the homeowner, so take a moment to think about the lay out of your home.

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2 Responses to “How to Figure Out Where Your Furniture Should Go in a Room”

  1. Office Furniture in Miami Says:

    I was suggest going to someone who specializes in designing ‘workscapes.’ The decision of what type of office furniture to choose, as well as, the design of the layout is something that should not be taken lightly.

  2. Specialist are good for situations where you are looking for optimal arrangements. For a homeowner, or just a simple project, the floorplanner software is a good tool for imagining a space without the need of further help. It should be noted that there is a professional version too. Thank you for dropping by.

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