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Night Lighting Using Solar Power: The Next Big Step in Eco-Friendly Lighting

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Looking into solar lighting for a home’s exterior, you will find there are more options now than you might believe.

It seemed like it wasn’t that long ago that solar lighting seemed to be a pipe dream, but those days are long passed, and there are a number of solar-friendly bulbs and fixtures out there on the market. What might surprise some people however is that solar powered outdoor lights are readily available as well. Using solar lighting for outdoor night lighting is a great way to reduce dependency on fossil fuels; many households find it necessary to employ flood or pathway lighting for security or safety reasons, but keeping these lights on all night can be a waste of energy, so using solar lighting for this purpose is a great way to do so without sacrificing your protection and wellbeing.

In addition to its environmental benefits there are also a number of good reasons as to why solar lighting is more practical, especially if you are planning on putting your lighting in an a remote spot where it might be difficult or expensive to wire up the lights. Costs have also decreased for a lot of solar lighting as well. We’re going to take a look at product that exemplifies the benefits of solar outdoor lighting and will explain why maybe you should go solar when it comes to outdoor flood or pathway lights.

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation is one of the earliest lighting companies (along with General Electric) and is famous for its pioneering experiments into the usage of AC currents in the early 20th Century. So it is no surprise that they would also become the pioneers when it came to solar lighting as well. The Solar System Double-headed flood light is a great example of utilizing sun power to provide adequate night cover for a large area.

There have often been two problems with using solar power for flood lighting, the first being that the batteries weren’t powerful enough to go more than several hours without sunlight and also that it simply wasn’t powerful enough to illuminate a large area. But this fixture is able to solve both problems, as they accommodate three super-powerful 10MM LED bulbs, and it also includes a PV Module battery that is able to effectively store enough power to keep the lights on all night (although they do come with a motion-sensor detector as well). Because smaller bulbs are being used, and because the batteries are more powerful, getting adequately sunlight won’t be an issue unless you live in the far northern reaches.

Proper night lighting can be an important for safety, security, and for landscaping purposes as well, and thanks to advances in solar lighting you can now easily keep your property illuminated and eco-friendly at the same.

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One Response to “Night Lighting Using Solar Power: The Next Big Step in Eco-Friendly Lighting”

  1. Solar Power is so cool. it is clean and renewable energy. when the cost of solar panels goes down, i think every home should be owning a mini solar power station.

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