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Creating external space at low cost with verandas

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Space is always important in terms of quality of life. You can fit so much into so much space, and internal space is often at a premium, particularly if you’ve got a family crammed in to a smaller space than ideal. The trick in this situation is to create space. It’s easier than it looks. Verandas can create huge amounts of space, almost instantly and transform living space in multiple ways.

External space basics

With external space, the simplest thing to do is to create a space to serve a range of functions. Major users of space can be moved outside with covered verandas quite easily. External space is really a matter of functional usage, and there often comes a time when functions must have their own dedicated space to keep the internal space organized.

These functions include:

  • Decluttering: The world’s new buzzword has a lot of practical applications. Decluttering can be crucial to quality of life.
  • Special functions: The house isn’t the only place that may need space, and sometimes a lot of it. The garage, which is usually the very unsafe place to put everything that won’t fit in the house, including workshop tasks, is often cluttered beyond belief. (Ironically, this was the original use of verandas- Covered work space, close to home.)
  • Entertainment areas: The average living room doesn’t get bigger. It overflows when used as an entertainment space, and that can be a problem.

The economics of living space

There are two basic options for creating living space- Renovation or creating external space. Of these, external space is a lot easier to create and manage. Renovations can be expensive and technically difficult, involving structural issues. They can involve a lot of time and require loss of living space while in progress. That’s definitely not the best option unless a major upgrade is absolutely necessary.

Simply creating a veranda, on the other hand, is extremely simple, requires no work on structural issues, and can be done quickly and cheaply. There’s also a lot of planning flexibility, allowing homeowners to develop their ideas for space usage.

The other side of these economics is freeing up internal space. This can be the preferred option to moving into a bigger place, too, meaning the budget isn’t subjected to any additional pressures.

Verandas, privacy and outdoor amenities

The big lifestyle point for verandas, interestingly, is pure convenience. Verandas are value adding features in more ways than one. In urban areas, creating private space has become a major issue, and verandas can be used to design a comfortable, private living space quite easily, effectively becoming a true house extension with multiple uses.

The average backyard and front yard contain a certain amount of space around a house which is basically not used much, except perhaps for garden beds. Some homes take the soft option and simply build their verandas into the existing faces of the building, basically aligning with garden features like a pergola, garden beds or other existing outdoor amenities like barbecue areas. This is a very simple strategy, building the aesthetics in to the new features supplied by the veranda.

In terms of cost efficiency, verandas are in a league of their own. They provide space and value, at budget-friendly prices and can be installed very easily to match any home design. If you want space, think about what a veranda could do for your home.

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