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Where is the Houston Real Estate Market Heading?

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How is the real estate business faring? The jobs report this week showed that more workers have lost their jobs, and I am sure if I looked into it, you could find that real estate professionals are dropping like flies. My own business has been good, but not where I want it. Even though my costs are going up, I have people trying to get me to lower my prices (which are already reasonable compared to other inspectors). Ike rained on housing sales in an already slowing market.

In the midst of this situation, we are finding news which focuses on the positive as wells as news that does not bode too well. Here are blog posts and news releases for this week.

Press release from the Dallas Fed going over some highlights of reports in Southwest Economy (to which a link is provided). It is mentioned that the Spotlight section discusses the fact that commercial sales are slowing in Texas.

As many are trying to avoid being forced from their homes, HUD modernizes its online guide for avoiding foreclosure. This press release contains the link.

Houston Housing Market Blog produced an article about good economic news for our area based upon some information produced at Texas A&M.

Here is a report from an Austin Realtor relating some details of a study about the housing market. The bottom is predicted to hit in 2009, while a rebound is thought to be in 2010. It did mention that investing in apartments or warehouses in Houston may not be a bad idea.

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